What to Look for When Picking Fruits and Vegetables


Walking down the aisles of fruits and veggies is overwhelming, let alone deciding what to buy, especially if you have a tight budget. Here are 10 smart shopping tips to help you with veggies and fruits:

Go with the season

When a season comes, eat what comes with it. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are abundant, flavorful, and more affordable.

Look for sales

There is always a discount somewhere out there. Read the newspaper and surf the net to find all the sales or coupons that can help reduce the bill for you.

Make a list

Plan ahead what you are going to eat and write down what you need to buy. Needless to say, stick to your list. Do not put random things into your cart.

Eat before shopping

Going in the supermarket with an empty stomach will make you spend more money on snacks and junk foods. Shopping after filling your stomach ensures your budget for healthy food stays safe.

Do not stock up

Some veggies do not last long. So, it is better to buy small amounts and eat them up before they start to rot. However, if the store has a big discount on veggies that last, buy in bulk to save money.

Check the canned fruits

Canned fruits are usually less expensive than the fresh ones. However, remember to read the labels and buy only those that are low in sodium added.

Go for store brands

Store brands offer similar products for a much cheaper price. If your supermarket has a membership program, do not forget to sign up for more savings.

The simpler, the better

Pre-washed or pre-cut veggies sound convenient, but they are also pricey. If your budget is low, buy the basic form of vegetables to cut down the cost.

Build your own garden

Many veggies are easy to grow. Cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes are great options to start a little garden of your own. If you do not have a yard, small pots work wonder.

Be a smart cook

Prepare your dishes in advance and freeze them so you can eat whenever you want. Use the leftover veggies to make soups. Fruits that are over-ripe can be made into smoothies.

No matter how big or small your budget is, you can still fit some veggies and fruits into it. A healthy meal with fruits and veggies does not have to be expensive. Hopefully, these tips can help you meet your veggies needs without hurting your wallet.

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