Being an active individual as athletes exposed us with a certain degree of predictable injuries. Some injuries commonly happened among athletes depending on what kind of sports they participated. Some sports may risk upper limbs while some other may risk the lower parts of the body. Sports like car racing and American football may give more threat to your head instead of your lower limbs. You may want to discover the top 10 of the most common injuries in the sports world.

  1. Patellofemoral Syndrome

common sports injuries

This particular injury also known as runner’s knee is a type of pain at the part of the knee. This can be caused by repeated movement of knee cap against the leg bone or lump of the knee joint. By undergoing physiotherapy treatment for your pain, researches have shown that 90 percent of patients with physiotherapy will be relieved from knee pain within six months. More than half of all sports injuries come from this syndrome alone with up to 55 percent of cases. Sports with active movement of running, squatting or jumping such as long jump will face this pain if athletes keep on training or competing in a long period without having enough time of rehabilitation.

  1. Shoulder injury

common sports injuries

There are some conditions where the injury can take place on your shoulder. These include dislocations or strains and sprains of muscle and ligaments and caused by overworked of the shoulder. Sports like baseball, basketball, badminton and tennis involve many motions on shoulder parts that cost you severe pain if continuously repeated. Anti-inflammatory medication helps you to reduce and relieve the pain.

  1. Tennis or Golf Elbow

common sports injuries

Same like both two types of pain above, this condition is also an effect of overworked muscles, specifically on the forearm muscles. Clearly stated as the name given, sports like tennis and golf require you to do a lot of muscle movement around your elbow which caused the muscle to be overused.

  1. Hamstring strain

common sports injuries

It happens when tendons and large muscle at the back of thigh torn or strained. Hamstring will need a lot of time to heal, takes up 6 to 12 months to be cured depending on how serious the condition is. The strain usually associated with sports with a high level of speed and power such as football, rugby and baseball.

  1. Sciatica

common sports injuries

Sciatica is a name given to a condition where tenseness appears on sciatic nerves, affecting areas of back and hip or pelvis of the leg. The irritation can be range from mild to severe. Sufferer feels the numbness around the area of the leg where the nerve located. Likewise, the feel of tingling or spiking commonly arises around that area. For your information, the sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body.

  1. Shin splints

common sports injuries

It frequently occurs among runners or any other sports which require a dependency of strength in running such as soccer. Athletes will feel pain caused by the stress fracture at the front of the leg or lower leg bone. This is the results of shocking intense on the bone by increased activities instantly. High frequency of stress fracture reported among soccer player with 19.5 percent cases.

  1. Groin pull

common sports injuries

Inner thigh muscle used to pull your legs together. Groin pull or strain is a condition where inner thigh muscle had a too much force hence created wound inside of it. 10 percent of injuries among professional hockey player caused only by a groin pull. The sufferer will feel pain when they pull their knee and leg together with other symptoms such as swelling on your thigh part of the leg.

  1. Concussion

common sports injuries

It is a state of brain shaking. It is among the serious injury, hence cannot be taken delicately. Among other symptoms are headache, shaky or dizzy as well as vomiting10. Brain shaking or concussion affected your response ability and concentration. Concussion frequently reported among team handball and ice hockey players with 4.5 percent and 4.7 percent respectively. Athletes are strongly advised not to return to their sports activities in a short time until they gained their full recovery.

  1. ACL tear or strain

common sports injuries

ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is one of the ligaments within the knee, attaching leg bone to the knee. The athlete will have to get a rest and get an ice treatment if it is just a slightly torn but will have to undergo surgery if it is considered in a severe condition. It is considered one of the most severe injury, but not the common incidents among athletes. Symptoms include swelling on the knee and discomfort feeling or unstable walking.

  1. Hip flexor strain

common sports injuries

Flexor muscle located at the front upper part of our thigh, assist the higher movement of your leg. The strain happened as torn in your hip of flexor muscle when you stretched up to high. Some causes contribute to this condition include weak muscle, no warming up before starting exercises and when you fall which cost your muscle to be torn. You will feel the pain when you raise your leg upward.

Slight injuries are frequently reported among athletes in all kind of sports team. A research shows that team sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball or American football have a higher tendency of having severe injuries than individual sports. Just as a study found, the sprain is the most common injuries in the lower limb part of the body. All injuries take time to recover in the process of rehabilitation. All aspects have to be taken into account which includes full medical check-up, time to heal and physiotherapy treatment. Do not forcefully do things when our body still in the need of rest. You may feel strong enough to get back into your team, but you never know if your body fully willing to do so.

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