We have already known that UV rays from the sun can leave negative effects on our skin, as well as our general health. Without protection, in a long period of time, UV radiation can lead to skin cancer. With that being said, what can we do to protect our skin against harmful sun rays?

UV rays exposure and skin problems

When you are exposed to the sun, the ultraviolet light (UV) can significantly erupt the elastin, or in other words, the skin fibers. The initial signs indicating that your skin is experiencing a loss of elastin are stretching and sagging skin. Without proper care and treatment, your skin will become more prone to form bruises or get torn down. In long run, skin cancer may develop.

How can I protect my skin from UV rays exposure?

Stay in shade

Avoid direct sunlight by staying in-door. If you have to go out, choose types of transportation that provide shelter from the sun such as the subway, bus, or car. If you have to take a walk under the sun, remember to choose a path where there are a lot of shades deriving from trees, and take an umbrella with you.


A lot of people neglect to apply sunscreen as they think that if they stay in-door, the UV rays cannot bring them any harm. This is only true when you are at a place where there are no windows or doors and UV rays cannot penetrate through. In addition, some do not put on sunscreen during fall or winter as they believe cooler weather means fewer UV rays. This is not true, as even in cool weather, there are still UV rays.

Choose types of sunscreen which contain both UVA and UVB protection, with SPF 30 or higher.  If you are exposed to the sun for more than two hours or so, or after joining any activities that make you sweat, reapply.

Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses offer protection to not only your eyes but also your skin, especially the tender area Around the eye

Choose appropriate clothes and hats

Opt for clothes and hats that are made from tightly woven fabric as they are the best against sunlight. Furthermore, choose dark colored clothes rather than light ones. Straw hats may look nice on you, but avoid using them, as its holes are pretty much useless in offering you protection from the sun.

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