There are times when we need to borrow certain items from other people. However, not everything is suitable to share. Below are 5 things that should not be borrowed from or shared with others.


Towels can bring an ideal environment for bacteria, fungi, and other germs; especially when they are hanging in a bathroom. Towels can transmit infections on the skin, acne, and even pink eye. They can also cause methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) to spread. Sometimes, sharing towels can also increase your risk of sexually transmitted infections.

It is recommended that you should not borrow towels from other people. Besides, wash your towels regularly and let them dry completely before using.


Do not share earring with other people even if you are healthy. Similarly, do not borrow from others, just use what you have. Sharing earrings can increase the risk of infection and blood-borne diseases. Keep your earrings clean by washing them carefully with alcohol before and after each use. Store them in a dry and clean place.


Sometimes you want to listen to music but you do not bring your earphones with you. In this situation, you tend to borrow your friend’s. However, it’s not a wise decision since it can lead you to ear infections.

Studies have shown that earphones can generate bacteria from the ears. Especially when you are exercising, your ears become moist and warm. Bacteria can be produced more quickly. If you have no choice but to share earphones, wash them with alcohol-soaked cotton balls. However, the risk of infection still exists.

Bar soaps

You use bar soaps to clean your skin. After each use, the bar soap gets covered in germs from your skin. These germs can be either healthy or unhealthy. When it is placed on a wet dish, bacteria, fungi and other germs can grow faster. Sharing bar soaps can also transmit methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), causing serious infection. Liquid soap in some cases is preferred over bar soap because it can limit sharing.


Your armpits are ideal places for bacteria and fungi to live and develop. Bacteria from the underarm area can stick to the deodorants. You should have your own deodorants. Do not borrow from other people or do not lend other people your deodorants.


A prescription is provided to a specific person for specific purposes and based on specific condition. Your prescription is made only for you. Prescription should not be borrowed, even though you and the targeted person have the same health condition. This can cause drug-resistance, overdose, or other drug-related problems. Then drugs can harm your body rather than treat your illness in this case.

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