You cannot have everything in the world. In some cases, you need to borrow certain items from other people. However, not everything is suitable to share. Avoid 10 things below. Sharing them can cause certain diseases to spread out.


When you use toothbrushes to clean your teeth, millions of germs in your mouth become contaminated with toothpaste, blood, bacteria, saliva, and oral debris. Viruses and bacteria can live on the surface of a toothbrush for weeks. Some studies have shown even after you rinse the toothbrush visibly clean, it can still remain contaminated. When you borrow the toothbrush from an infected person, you can get the illness.

After brushing your teeth, clean the toothbrush with tap water thoroughly. Make sure you have removed all the toothpaste and debris. If you have illness or immune disorder, you may need to soak the toothbrush in antibacterial mouthwash. Then let the brush air dry. If there are numerous toothbrushes stored in one place, try to avoid contact.


You use a razor to remove unwanted hair. When you shave, it also removes dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria on your skin. Since using blades can cause cut and abrasions, sharing razors can also cause blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, or HIV to spread.

Therefore, it is important to have your own razors if you want to shave. You can also consider using shaving foam, it can help decrease the risk of cutting your skin. Wash the razor carefully and dispose the razor blades right after you are done.

Nail clippers

You use nail clippers to cut your nails where bacteria, fungi, and warts hide out. Even if you borrow the nail clippers from a person who has visibly healthy nails, you are still at risk of infection. You are more likely to get fungal nail infection, HIV, or hepatitis B (if the nail clippers make cuts on your skin).

Thus, you should wash the nail clippers with alcohol before each use. If you have other people done your nails, it’s best to ask them to use your instruments.

Pumice stone

Pumice stone is used to remove dead skin. When you rub it on your skin, risk of scratches can increase. Sharing pumice stone can allow bacteria and fungi to pass from person to person.

Sharing is caring. However, personal items should not be used by more than one individual. Several illnesses can be spread through this way. Thus, get awareness of the risks to protect yourself and others.

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