How to live with chronic muscle weakness


Muscle weakness is one of the most frightening symtoms of anxiety. It is  also a sign  of various health problems. Persistent weakness makes anxiety worse since  it can lead to severe stress and health concerns. Thus, if you ever find yourself with tired, numb or tingly muscles, seeing a doctor or seeking for advices is advisable.

Causes of muscle weakness

Many health conditions can lead to muscle weakness such as CFS (Chronic fatige sndrome), muscular dystrophies, dermatomyosistis, polio, low blood sodium, low blood potassium, rickets, hypothyroidism, osteomalacia, neuralgia, etc.

Below are some of the main causes for this condition that urgent care may be required

  1. Concussion ( severe brain injury)
  2. Stroke overview
  3. Mini stroke ( transient Ischemic attact)
  4. Botulism
  5. Brain Aneurysm
  6. Enciphalitis

Here are some methods to reduce muscle weakness.


Because your muscles are not  actually being weak,  they are just simply feeling weak.  Hence, going for a walk may help, at least, assures the brain that they are fine. Also, walking is a good exercise for blood flow and  muscles. Besides, walking also helps  reduce stress.

2. Breathing

The effect of hyperventilation could be reduced thanks to concentrated breaths. You should breathe slowly, not too quickly nor too deeply.  Each breath should be a15-second period from breathing in to breathing out. In the middle of the period, hold your breath for a few seconds.

3. Mental distraction

Don’t focus on your muscles so much. In stead, distract yourself through mental exercises, phone calls or anything you can to take your mind off your individual muscles.
Drinking enough water and relaxing are the best ways to improve your muscle weakness. Besides, seeking for useful information to control your anxiety.  Being able to control anxiety  means  you can stop the feeling of muscle weakness.  Plus, you should take the anxiety test which just lasts for 7 minutes. The test aims to understand your anxiety and provide the best solution to cure it forever.

If you experience muscle weakness for no reasons, making an appointment with your doctor. You will be provided with a lot of usefull information about your muscle weakness thanks to several checks on your muscle sensation and muscle tone.

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