How to keep your nails from turning yellow


Nails are made of dead cells and filled with keratin. Yellow nails are a common problem among both men and women. It can be a result of nail polish, your lifestyle or an indication of medical issues.

Usually, nail polish pigments are the culprit of yellow nails. The darker the polish is, the more stained it will leave your nails with. The only way to avoid this is to use a clear base coat on your nail before applying nail polish. It will not only protect your nails from being stained but also make the polish last longer. Using a polish remover made of acetone also adds to your yellow nails. Go for a non-acetone remover whenever you need to take to color off.

If you are a smoker, then it is likely that your nails are already turned yellow by the tar and nicotine from your cigarettes. In addition, smoking inhibits oxygen flow to fingernails, causing oxygen deprivation which also results in yellow nails. To keep your nails from turning yellow, you have to quit smoking. As difficult as this may sound, it is actually best for your own health’s sake.

Yellow nails can be caused by a fungus infection. Possible signs include flaking and peeling nails, together with a bad smell. If not treated, your nails can thicken and crumble. Moreover, an unnatural color of nails may indicate serious medical conditions thyroid, liver and lung diseases. If you are suspicious, pay your dermatologist a visit. He or she will help you figure out your actual problem.

If your nails are already stained. You can still lighten them using lemon juice and baking soda or going to a nail salon for a quick fix. Just like your skin, your nails need to be exposed to oxygen to stay healthy in the long run. No matter how much your love your nail polish, steering clear of it once in a while will do your nails a huge favor.

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