Is It Normal To Have Hair Around My Anus?

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The short answer is, Yes –  Yes it is, but the long answer for why it is normal for you to have hair around your anus is, well, the entire length of this article.

Being conscious about your body and your physical appearance can have you asking a lot of questions. One of the usual ‘victims’ of these questions is your hair. When it comes to your face, you wonder why you have unibrows or unwanted facial hair; when it’s your scalp, you rack your brain trying to figure out why you have grey hair or losing hair at a young age; but perhaps the least talked about hair-related question that have probably crossed your mind more than once is “Why Do I Have Hair Around My Anus?”

Fret not, science to the rescue. A pair of butt cheeks is separated by a butt crack in the middle, or in medical term, intergluteal cleft. Most, if not all of you, may have noticed hair growing around the opening of your anus (perianal region) when you go to the toilet or taking a shower. This hair growth is called perianal hair and truth is, no one really know why you have it. In fact, some postulated that the reason is because there’s really no significant evolutionary pressure against it – meaning to say, we can safely exist, procreate and search for food without being interfered by the presence of these hairs. It may just be a side effect of unintelligent design.

However, that’s no way of providing an interesting answer to satisfy our curiosity, right? So researchers proposed other possible explanations. One of it is about the role of it in facilitating scent communication. Throughout human evolution, communication through scent has played a pungent role. This is why we have body hair in the same areas where we produce odors. The hair is there to hold onto sebaceous, or oily, secretions that have their own smell and are consumed by bacteria that produces even more smells. Since we all have different smell compounds, and our own microbiomes, each of us smells differently. It is presumed our early human ancestors used their personal smell to help them with everything from broadcasting territorial rights to attracting mates. Butt hair may simply be another way our ancestors enhancing their smell profiles.

The next explanation related to the evolutionary purpose of butt hair (which is also by far, the most popular and logical one) is that butt hair plays a role in reducing friction between your butt cheeks. Friction can lead to irritation, rashes, and even infection, and your butt cheeks rub against each other every single second. In this case, hair around your anus may act as a bit of a protective layer, and those sebaceous secretions from the hair helps spread work to reduce the pain of chafing, a sort of natural anti-chafing cream.

So there you have it – some plausible explanation to why you have butt hair but do bear in mind,  there hasn’t been much research done to verify these theories, and not every bit of our physiology needs an evolutionary purpose.

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Review Date: April 25, 2019 | Last Modified: November 28, 2019