Many people consider beard as an agent where many types of bacterium and virus stay, thus, it’s not hygienic nor healthy for men. However, according to many scientific study and research, beard can actually give men many health benefits, which will be listed out in our article.

Lowering the risk of skin cancer

Recent researches carried out at the Australia’s University of Southern Queensland have shown that the beard can provide 90 to 95 percent protection against UV rays from the sun. The effect depends on the length and the angle of the beard. The more your skin expose to UV rays, the higher the risk of getting skin cancer is. However, though beard can lower the risk of skin cancer, dermatologists still advise men with beard to still use their sun protection products to minimize the harm of UVs.

Helping with asthma and allergy

If you have allergic reactions to dust or pollen or you are suffering from asthma, facial hair can help by keeping those allergens from getting contact to your body. A beard or a bushy mustache can work as a filter preventing allergic triggers from entering your nose and your respiratory system. Experts also said that the small amount of pollen and dust stuck in the beard can give the immune system chance to get familiar with the triggers and become desensitive. The risk for allergic reactions, thus, is lowered.

Reducing infection

Studies showed that the bacteria contained in the beard potentially develop into new antibiotics. When compared to clean-shaven men, bearded men have a lower risk of getting infections caused by bacteria. The result of the study reveals that clean-shaven men had three times higher risk of carrying methicillin-resistant staph aureus (MRSA) on their cheeks than men with beard. Also, those beardless men’s face were 10 percent more possible to have Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium causing skin and respiratory infections and food poisoning. Bacterial infections such as ingrowths and folliculitis, which are occupational hazards of regular shaving, don’t have the chance to develop.

Reducing wrinkles

Dermatologists said that facial hair can make men’s skin aging process slow down because it reduces the sun exposure to their skin. As a result, there are fewer wrinkles and age spots found on the face of men who have beard. The same is applied to photo-aging and skin damage. Amazingly, although growing a beard may make men look older, it actually keeps them younger.

Decreasing Acne

Shaving can block the tiny follicles on the surface of the skin, leading to whitehead and blackhead spots. Both the use of shaver or electric razor can easily worsen the inflammatory, making these spots more obvious. In addition, since acne may make people feel less confident about their appearance, growing a beard possibly boosts their self-esteem and feel better.

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