You have witnessed it before and perhaps unknowingly did this yourself – having bad posture while you do your training. Resistance training is a powerful way to gain muscle but if your form is sloppy, you are gaining injuries while not getting 100% from your workout. With any practice, having proper posture and targeting the right group of muscle can make all the difference in what you gain from the workout. These are a few reasons why you should slow down and pay attention to your posture instead of cranking away at the weights.

Portray a better, more confident image

All powerful historic figures have the same pose in their photo: back straight, shoulder squared, chin up. A good posture can project self-confident and power. In fact, a recent study showed that people feel more confident before going on a public speaking stage when they do the “Superman pose” for a few seconds before then show.

This one


Not this one


Prevent Injury

Preventing injury is perhaps the most important purpose of performing good posture. When you do a lot of heavy lifting, it is easy for your body to get misaligned and the joints can get dislocated, or the muscles and tendons can tear or strain. If you have to choose between weight and form, always go for form. It is better to lift light weight with the correct form than lift heavy weight with sloppy form and risk injuries.

Get proper breathing techniques

One area many people don’t mention when it comes to good posture is that posture can help you breathe correctly between your reps and sets. Proper breathing technique can give you more force to lift and prevent the risk of heart problems, aneurysms and high blood pressure. If good posture and good breathing come naturally to you, you can lift weight much easier.

Have healthy spine

Many people experience back pain from slouching all day. This is to prove how your spine is easily influenced by your posture. Healthy spine provides good back support, which is especially important for people spending hours in an office chair or standing.

Improve circulation and digestion

Good posture not only helps in practice, it also allows your digestive system to stay in their natural position. When you are slouching or bend over, the pressure on the internal organs increases and can interfere with blood flow as well as the function of the gastrointestinal organs.

Make you look slimmer and younger

When you walk into the gym, surrounded by many fit, healthy people, of course, you want to fit in and maybe lose a couple of weight. Having a good posture instantly takes off a few kilos AND accentuate your curves. You will look slimmer, younger and much fitter!


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