How to Regain Sexual Desire in Women


Satisfaction in sexual life can help you have a better life. However, the sexual desire of women will change over the years due to the physical and emotional factors. If you have been noticing that your sex drive has decreased, there are various ways for you to fix it.

Sex drive can be the indicator of a healthy life or not. One of the most common sexual problems is that women have low or no sexual desire. However, you can regain your sexual desire by taking some simple actions.

How the factors affect the women’s sexual desire?

Feeling the desire for sex is much more than internal plumbing. It’s a combination of what happen to you in different aspects such as emotional, spiritual and physical. It is the reason why the sexual desire of each woman is not the same,  despite the similarity in health, age, level, skill. Otherwise, the changes in daily life can affect your sex drive.

The menopause can reduce your sexual desire as it affects s your estrogen and progesterone hormones. When the hormones are decreased, your vagina will be drys so that you don’t  want to make love. In addition, some people believe that menopause will be the end of great sex because of their cultural stereotype.

Tips to regain the women’s sexual desire

Lubrication can be helpful in your sex since it helps decrease vaginal dryness. On the other hands, it also makes the sexual intercourse become more enjoyable and interest.

Additionally, talk to your partner about the problem that you have in sexual life and some ways to increase the excitement.  However, if you cannot regain your sexual desire because relationship problems with your partner, you should find a counselor or therapist to have the advice.

Medication can also be used in order to increase sexual desire. Some researchers say that medication can help women enhance the sexual desire by increasing testosterone that improves satisfaction.

Flying solo

If you do not have a lover, how do you satisfy yourself? Some single women think that without a partner, they cannot be satisfied in the sexual aspect.  These women might feel frustrated either by sexual urges or the lack of them and still, others maintain or restore sexual feelings on their own. However, with or without a relationship, you can still can touch yourself, wear sensuous clothes and pleasure yourself.

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