Exercises for Knee Joint Stiffness

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Update Date 12/05/2020
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Knee functions as the bridge between thigh and shin while carrying out a wide range of motions. The notion that only in old aged people will we suffer from knee joint stiffness is such a wrong one. Without decent preventive health care, people of all ages can face the high risk of experiencing knee joint stiffness. Doing exercises, long deemed as one of the most brilliant methods of improving knee condition, can exert adverse effects if done fallaciously. Here are some exercises considered most suited for knee joint stiffness:

Low-impact exercises


Since walking is a low-impact exercise, it does not put much pressure on your knee joints. In the beginning, do not try too hard. Walk at the pace that you feel comfortable.


Cycling is a perfect exercise for those who have knee joint stiffness. Not only does cycling strengthen your muscles, it also puts knee joint under no strain, hence making you workout enjoyable.

Mild exercises

People with serious knee joint stiffness should take exceptional notice of mild exercises. This is presumably because the more serious your knee joint stiffness is, the more awful knee pain is. The agonies will prevent you from doing even low-impact exercises. Therefore, you must begin with some common mild exercises including straight leg raise, harming stress, seated hip march, heel raise, side leg raise. These will help you improve your knee, thus leading to pain alleviation.

Water exercises

Water exercises are pretty fascinating because water bears your weight and creates no stress on your knee joints. Swimming and water aerobics are most suggested.

What else to keep in mind when doing exercise for your knee joint stiffness?

Exercises are wonderful in every way. As well as bettering your overall health condition, improving your cardiovascular condition, torching calories, exercises, at a moderate level, can help build up your muscles and strengthen your joints. The uncomfortable pain that springs from joint stiffness poses chief obstacles to your doing exercise, but surprisingly, it would even get far worse if you do not take any exercises.

It should be noted that those who suffer from knee joint stiffness should neither take vigorous-intensity activities nor put too many efforts into practicing. They can cause adverse effects, worsening your joints.

Moreover, there are many types of exercises recommended in this article, but you must find out the types that suit you most, and the types that you feel a great deal better after you employ.

Furthermore, should any of these exercises cause pain, stop without further ado because it signifies something wrong. Taking advice from doctors or therapists is a must.

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