How to Get Rid of Bruises


Every now and then, people happen to get bruises. Although most of the time bruises are minor injuries, they are accompanied with slight pain and unwelcomed marks on the human body. These are some ways that can help people to get rid of bruises effectively.

What causes a bruise?

Usually, some daily accidents like falling down or crashing into objects lead to bruises. The reason is that those accidents make the capillaries under the skin break. The blood inside them, bruise ?as a result, leaks out and gets trapped under the skin. Sometimes, bruise is a health problem resulting from vitamin deficiency.

How to get rbruise?

There are many ways to make a bruise disappear.

Method 1: Use a cool compress

Right after getting injured, apply an ice pack to the affected area. Alternatively, people can seek for frozen vegetables such as corn or pea. Remember to wrap the ice in a bag or a piece of cloth before putting it on the skin to avoid skin damage. Place the frozen objects on the bruise at least 15 minutes every hour after the injury. The cold solution can reduce swelling and promote the healing process.

Method 2: Use warm compress

After 1 to 2 first days of using cold solution, switch to use the warm one. Warmth can make the blood vessels dilate, increase the blood flow to the damage, and allow the blood trapped under the affected area to be reabsorbed. Thus, it speeds up the healing process.

Apply a warm cloth to the damaged area until it gets cold. Repeat the procedure several times a day.

Method 3: Massage the injured area with oil

This method will reduce the swelling and inflammation. Olive oil is highly recommended since it is the most effective healing agent. However, people can use coconut oil or castor oil as an alternative. While utilizing the method, try to be gentle and do not add any more pressure to the damage. Massage outwards from the center of the bruise.

Method 4: Use boiled egg

It is a combination of the warm compress and massage method.

Method 5: Use papaya and pineapple

Those fruits contain antioxidants that can help the skin cure much faster. People can either blend then apply them to the bruise or simply consume them.

Method 6: Use Arnica

This herb is considered to be a medicinal flower. It can be found in the form of oil or balm. It can lessen enlargement and irritation as well as cure broken tissue and muscles.

Getting bruises is something that is unavoidable. Knowing how to handle them makes life much easier, especially for women.

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