How to Get Rid of the Beer Belly


To have a good social life, sometimes you have to join parties and events, where you will assume a lot of alcohol, including beer. As a consequence, drinking too much beer will make your belly bigger and uglier, which is an indicator of health problems. Beer belly is considered a common social ailment, but not anyone drinks beer has it. There are some ways for us to get rid of the beer belly.

Why do you have a beer belly?

“Beer belly” is a protruding belly which happens when you have too many calories without getting rid of. Despite the name, the beer belly does not perfectly occur with beer, wine or alcohol drinks only. It is caused by obtaining too many calories in daily meal, including fast food, sugary beverages, too oil food, oversized portions of food, so on. In addition, being too lazy to play sports, do exercises also lead to a fatter belly. Although alcohol is not the main reason make your beer belly, it may have a particular association with your fat. It is because your liver will burn alcohol instead of fat, which create your “beer belly”.

How do you get rid of your beer belly?

There is no certain exercise to make your beer belly disappear immediately. It is also no magic case, no miracle, no medicine or any things help you have a standard waist in the short time. The only way that helps you to reduce your calories is trying every day. You have to control your diet and drink habits, achieve a state of energy balance, burn more calories than you are consuming. So, here are some things that you can do: eat fewer calories than consuming, increase your physical exercises to burn your superfluous calories, or you can use both 2 strategies.

On the other hands, you have to schedule a plan about eating, drinking, working, playing, relaxing activities, so you can control your life with the better health. On the Internet, you can find a lot of exercises about how to decrease the fat belly, how to get rid of the beer belly and how to have a strong waist.

How to decrease your calories?

You should limit alcohol consumption by choosing the low alcohol wine or beer, use water between each alcoholic beverage to reduce, mixing wine or beer with a low-calorie mixer.

Add more vegetables, fruits instead of the starch food as rice, bread… in your meals. Exercises like: playing sport, jogging, and swimming can be useful.

Moreover, milk, sodas, cordials and juices drinks should be avoided. You should choose water and herbal teas with the minimal calories to help you decrease your calories faster.

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