Fun Facts about Sneezing

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Sneezing happens to all stage level of life, even animal can sneeze. It takes two up to four or maybe more sneezes, depends on the reason why we sneeze in the first place. The study from Pennsylvania University, found that sneezing is a part of the way to reset human nasal environment, just like a computer that rebooting,

Sneezing is a reflex activity brought by nervous system to protect body from viruses and bacteria. The brain sends out signal to your nervous system to close tightly the throat, eyes and mouth when there is something trigger your nose and lungs. Then, contraction happens on the chest muscles as your tongue pushes against the roof of the mouth, forcing out the breath through the nose. Before you know it, you have sneezed. Sneeze produces the air with saliva and mucus that content such as germs, dust, and pollutant, those names that irritate your nose.

Allergy to cold air, pets, or dust can also cause people to sneeze. Surprisingly, sunlight make some people sneezing. It because photic – name for light sneezers are sensitive to light. Literally, people who sneeze may suffer from allergies or effort to get rid of uncontrolled small movement regarding nervous illness.

Easiest way to spread germs

As you send out the germs out of your nose, you need to cover your nose and mouth to prevent spreading germs into the air. It is better to use your elbow rather than your hand as germs can spread through your finger as later you handshaking with others or touch any object.

According to the author of “Success Signals: Understanding Body Language”, Patti Wood said that we send out about 100,000 germs into the air in a single sneeze with speedy 100 miles per hour. WOW!

Sneezing while you sleep

If you think you sneeze while sleeping, you are wrong. You don’t sneeze when you nap because your nervous system are relaxed and cannot react to the cause of sneeze. You might wake up and sneeze if there was something irritate your nose while you were sleeping.

Sneeze makes your heart stop beating

You may heard the myth that your heart stop temporarily when you sneeze and your mama tells you that you should be thanks for God’s reminder. People near you will saying “God bless you” when you sneeze. Well, that’s a typical of cultural beliefs. Some cultures belief that sneeze is an alert of how death near us. The fact is, your heart experience a change of rhythm and your blood flow is constricted as well because of the changes in our chest. Nevertheless, definitely sneeze does not make heart stop beating.

Why do we close eyes while sneezing?

Yes, normally people close the eyes while sneezing. It happens because there is contraction on muscles behind the eyes. Moreover, the blood pressure increase slightly which cannot enough to pop your eyes out just as if ancient people said.

Different sounds of sneezing

Everyone make some noise when sneezing, some people sneeze loudly, others sneeze more softly and they have unique sounds. The sound actually comes from the size of your nostrils where the air coming out when you sneeze.

It feels better to hold not your sneeze. In rare cases, people who stuff that sneeze back in can lead to injuries on blood vessels. The most annoying part of sneezing is when it already halfway out of your nose but then the stifling moment occurs. To urge the sneeze, simply rubbing your nose and pressing your upper lip underneath your nose and blow out your breath.

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