Foods to Avoid if you Have Joint Pain


Having arthritis or joint pain means you can not eat whatever you want. Instead, you need a special diet which can help reduce the inflammation while providing you with proper nutrition. Besides, you should have knowledge of what kinds of food to avoid. Here is the list of what you should say no to.

Fried and processed foods

A research on diet and disease prevention has revealed that if patients eat less fried and processed foods like fried meats or prepared frozen meals, they experience less inflammation. Plus, their body’s natural defenses are restored.

Solution: Cut down on the amount of fried and processed foods, consume more veggies and fruits.


AGE stands for advanced glycation end product. It is a toxin produced when we heat, grill, fry, or pasteurize foods at high temperatures. With the presence of AGEs, the body’s certain proteins are damaged. To break AGEs, the body has to use cytokines- the inflammatory messengers. Therefore, the places where AGEs occur usually develop arthritis as well as other types of inflammation.

Solution: Consume less amount of foods that are cooked at high temperatures.

Sugars and refined carbs

The more sugar you consume, the bigger amount of AGEs will present in your blood. As mentioned above, AGEs leads to inflammation, arthritis or joint pain.

Solution: Cut down on candies, processed foods, goods baked from white flour, and sodas.

Dairy products

Dairy products carry a protein that may result in arthritis pain. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine states that the protein can do harm to the tissue around the joints. For this reason, some arthritis pain sufferers choose to follow a vegan diet containing no animal products.

Solution: Take protein from alternate sources like vegetables and seeds. Spinach, nut butters, tofu, beans, lentils, and quinoa are all good choices.

Alcohol and tobacco

We all know that tobacco and alcohol use is the cause of many medical conditions, including those affecting the joints. Research has shown that smokers are more likely to get rheumatoid arthritis, while alcohol consumers are more prone to gout.

Solution: Give up smoking and drinking. Build and follow a healthy diet, suitable exercise program and proper amount of rest (Adequate sleep).

Salt and preservatives

Make sure you know all about your food. There are foods that carry excessive amount of salt and other preservatives. Consuming that much amount of salt raise one’s risk of developing joint inflammation.

Solution: Carefully read the label when buying foods. Make sure they contain little to no amount of preservatives and additives. Prepared meals are not smart choices since they may be high in sodium.

Corn oil

Baked goods and snacks may contain corn and other oils with high content of omega-6 fatty acids. These are all inflammation triggers.

Solution: Rather satisfying your taste and consuming too much omega-6 fatty acids which are harmful to your condition, go for healthy, anti-inflammatory omega-3. Great sources of it are olive oil, nuts, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Studies have shown that omega-3s can reduce joint pain in many people.

Additional tips

Diet plan is not fixed for all patients. What is effective for this person may be ineffective for others. Just try and you will figure out what is suitable for you. In general, arthritis sufferers should all maintain a healthy body weight and follow a balanced eating plan.

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