Yoga Tools To Help You Practise At Home

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Yoga is a physical activity that is very practical and does not require complex or rigid equipment. This is especially true if you practice yoga regularly in a studio that usually provide all the fixtures and fittings. However, there is nothing wrong if you want to start practicing yoga at home while improving the quality of your self-practice. Here is a list of important yoga tools that can help with your home yoga practice.

Yoga tools to help you at home

Yoga mat

This is probably the most basic yoga tools in existence. When practicing in the studio, you just come and use the mat that is available in the classroom. But if you practice at home, then the yoga mat is the main gear that you must have. A yoga mat helps you practice yoga safer and more comfortable. When buying a yoga mat, pay attention to the thickness of the mat. Get ones that are not too thin unless you are planning to travel with it. Typically, the thickness of 5mm up is best for daily use. People tend to choose mats with 3mm of thickness as most precise and light for traveling.

Besides that, the base-material of the mat is also noteworthy. Make sure the material easily absorbs sweat, not slippery, and strong because when you start practicing regularly at home, then the mattress will be the one the most important yoga tools for your home practice.

Obviously, you want to buy a mat that is durable to save your money from repeatedly buying the new one. If you feel the price is quite expensive, imagine that the mattress is usable for 5 years, at least. In the long run, it is actually more value for money. In taking care of your mat, apply wet cloth or spray cleaners to your mat and hang it to keep the mat clean, free from mold, and always hygienic. Do it every after each practice.

Yoga blocks

Second in our list of yoga tools is the yoga blocks. The first time you practice yoga, many postures may seem difficult to do. Using yoga blocks can help you in a variety of yoga poses that you have not yet mastered. Compare the material and weight, usually a block is made out of thick foam, cork, or wood. The material affect the weight of the yoga block. The more weight in a yoga block, the more effective and stable the yoga block is, allowing it to better support your exercise.

Yoga straps

Yoga straps will help you when you feel less flexible in a sitting pose in particular. Use this support straps to enhance your posture, because the strap can hold the position of the hands and feet, so they cannot move. Make sure the material is made of thick fabric that does not scratch your skin.

Gadgets and electronic devices

Not that I advise you to stay online or busy with your electronic devices while practicing yoga, but I know our lives are often inseparable from electronic devices and gadgets. They can actually be very beneficial when used appropriately. I suggest you to turn off the call and messaging apps so that you are not disturbed with phone calls or chats. Yes, I know, these aren’t yoga tools per se but they do help you when practicing at home.

If you have a tablet, this electronic device will be more useful because it has a larger screen. You may use it to guide you for yoga poses. Even better, you can access online yoga videos from famous yoga teachers in the world, and just like practicing in a studio, you can let the teacher guide through the screen.

In addition, if you connect your phone or tablet with a mini speaker, you can also add soundtrack music that fits your practice and suits your mood. For example, if you start with breathing exercises or meditation, you can plug the easy listening music playlist that helps relaxation. Alternatively, if you are intending to train core muscles for your yoga practice, just plug in some upbeat music. Music also makes your yoga practice not monotonous.

Bottled water

Yes, this is the last item in our yoga tools list. Bottled water is important for you to have a good time practicing yoga at home or in the studio. Beyond avoiding dehydration after practicing yoga, a bottle or tumbler makes you to live go green. This is one of the ways to reduce plastic waste.

Getting used to drinking from your own bottled water is also good for overall health, because it means you will always remember to refill your tumbler. The more you refill, the more you increase the intake of water in your body. The target of 2 liters of water per day is no longer a problem. This way, practicing yoga also helps you improve good habits for your health.

Now that you have jotted down the items in this list, you are ready to embark on your own home yoga routine. Make sure you have all the yoga tools you need so your session can be an effective and invigorating one.

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