Facts about Female Condoms

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What is a female condom?

A female condom is a small pouch made from plastic. It can fit inside the vagina and cover some parts of the vulva to prevent fluid exchanges between two partners. It has two soft rings on each end. One stays on the outside and one sits near the cervix to keep the condoms from sliding out. The female condom works by collecting the sperm and preventing it from entering the vagina. If used properly, female condoms are highly effective in protecting against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Advantages of female condoms

  • Female condoms cover some of the outside female genitals, thus reducing the risk of contacting herpes and genital warts.
  • They are small and easy to carry around.
  • They fit all women.
  • They can be used during menstruation.
  • They can be used for anal sex.

Disadvantages of female condoms

  • The penis may slip through the space between the female condom and the vaginal wall.
  • It may cause noises during sex. But this can be resolved by using a water-based lubricant.
  • The condom may come off or tear when removing the penis from the vagina.
  • Female condoms are not as widely available as male condoms. They are also more expensive. A female condom costs around 15 MYR.

Using lubricants with female condoms

Condoms often come with some lubricant to make them ready for use. But, you may add more lubricant to avoid tearing the condom. Female condoms made from polyurethane can be used with any type of lubricants while latex male condoms can’t be used with oil-based lubricants such as body oil and petroleum jelly.

Facts about female condoms

  1. The effectiveness of female condoms against pregnancy is 95%. This means 5 out of 100 women who use female condoms get pregnant each year.
  2. You need to put the female condom in place before there is any sexual activity between the penis and the vagina.
  3. Female condoms need to be kept in a place with an appropriate temperature (neither too hot or too cold). Avoid putting female condoms near sharp objects that may tear or wear them.
  4. Qualified female condoms should have a CE mark on the package. This mark means that the condoms have been tested to meet the European standards.
  5. A female condom may be pushed too deep into the vagina. But there is no need to worry because they can be removed easily.
  6. Women who feel uncomfortable touching their genital areas may find it hard to use female condoms.
  7. Female condoms can’t be used more than once. If you need to change into a new sex act, use a new condom.

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