Signs Your Children Need Glasses

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We are living in an epoch of technology. Children, for this reason, soon contact with technical devices. However, these things, if overused, can have many harmful consequences. One of these is myopic.

Why do children need a glasses?

Many children spend hours on smartphones, tablets, computers, or television everyday. If they have free time, they will play video games all day. But you must know that these technological devices have magnetic field. If the eyes are exposed to it for a long time, they will be injured. Hence, the sight can be limited. They cannot see clearly things in far distance. The sight gets blurred and it is difficult to define the exact position of the objects that you want to see. Children with myopia cannot see TV screen or whiteboard. Therefore, they need a tool that helps them improve their sight. That is glasses.

What are causes of myopic?

Nearsightedness occurs when the cornea is too curved. So, when the light enters the eyes, it cannot be focused exactly. The objects appear to be blurred.

Currently, it is believed that myopic can be caused by hereditary. If one or both parents have nearsightedness, there are higher chances that the child will have nearsightedness, too.

Secondly, if you always read in light-lost conditions, spend much time on technological devices, you may

In addition, myopic is thought to only occur in children only, but actually, it can also happen when one has come into adulthood when one has visual stress, cataract or have diabetes.

How do you know that you need glasses?

If your child has any abnormal signs related to eyes, you must take them to examine. At the hospital or clinic, doctors will measure their sight by a test. Your child will cover an eye and read the alphabet board with many levels ranging from big to small. Then, the doctor will have another test by monitor. The last result will help you know whether your children need a glasses or not. The best sight of normal people is from 9/10 to 10/10.

How to live with myopic?

When you know you must use glasses, you must learn how to live with it and improve your health eye. Let get used to these habits.

  • Always keep cleaning the glasses.
  • Not only glasses but also the eyes are more important to keep clean. Use eye drops that are recommended by doctors on a daily basis.
  • Let the eye have enough rest a day.
  • Get technological devices’ screen 10 centimeters away your eyes.
  • Do not read or use phones, laptop in the dark because your eye must work harder.
  • Provide more vitamin A foods on your daily diet such as carrot, tomatoes, batata, papaya, paprika, lettuce, etc.
  • Supply more Omega 3, which can mostly found in fish oil.

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Review Date: July 14, 2017 | Last Modified: December 4, 2019

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