Emergency Contraception: What You Should Know


Thanks to the advancement of medicine, emergency contraception pills have become widely available for those who need preventive from pregnancy immediately. However, how much do you know about emergency contraceptive pills? Furthermore, is your knowledge about emergency contraceptive pills correct? The article below will give useful information.

What is emergency contraception?

Emergency contraception pills are used to avoid pregnancy. The pills can be taken if you have had sex without the protection of condom, birth control pills, or if the birth control method in use does not work properly. The pills must be taken immediately after you have had unprotected sexual intercourse.

What are the side effects of emergency contraception pills?

 Depend on the health and mechanism of each person, emergency contraception pills’ side effects can vary. They can include dizziness, breast pain, headache, vomiting, tiredness, fatigue, nausea, or abdominal pain.

Nevertheless, those effects are normally mild. They do not bring about any serious or life-threatening risks. In addition, the side effects will clear themselves up after a short period of time. In other words, you don’t have to worry about the side effects influencing your life in a negative way as they will go away eventually.

Will emergency contraception pills affect my next period?

Taking emergency pills may or may not affect your next period, depending on the mechanism of your body.

Most women who took emergency contraception pills may get their period within 1 week of the expected date. In addition, your blood flow can be lighter, heavier, spotty, as well as more or less painful than normal. Thus, if you notice that your period experiencing some small change, it is still OK.

In the case that you do not get your period within 1 week from expected date, or if you suspect that you are pregnant after taking emergency contraception pills, seek medical help.

Will emergency contraception pills protect me from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?

 It may sound weird, but some people actually think that emergency contraception pills can prevent them from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). To clear up the confusion, we guarantee that this is just a pure misunderstanding. Emergency contraception pills do not prevent you from contracting STDs. However, you can always lower the risk of having the deadly diseases by using a new condom each time you have oral, vaginal or anus sex.

There are lots of things to be acknowledged emergency contraceptive pills. If you have any worry or question regards of this matter, do not hesitate to contact a doctor, or a health care provider immediately for further medical advice, guidance and answer.

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