Effects of Media Violence on Children Behavior


Media violence has become a heated general topic among people nowadays. Even people with no advanced academic background could easily deduce its potentially long-term effects on those exposed to excessively violence-induced media programs. Long story short, violence tends to breed violence.

The psychological effect

Children develop by observing their surrounding environment. If we consider that a kid is like a white piece of paper, then whatever we paint on it will surely serve as his foundation of development. Similarly, if media violence portrayed to the child frequently, then there inevitably will be detrimental consequences. Some onset symptoms include an increase in hostile tendency, less likely emotional response in real life violent situations, and a tendency to mimic violent acts displayed on screen. One of the violent shows named Jack Ass has been the causes for such imitation as some young people were reported to have injured themselves while trying to perform stunts like those done on the show.

Science behind those consequences

“More than one thousand scientific studies and reviews conclude that significant exposure to media violence increases the risk of aggressive behavior in certain children, desensitizes them to violence and makes them believe that the world is a ‘meaner and scarier’ place than it is.” the Academy of Pediatrics reported. However, what is exactly the explanation for such behaviors that some children have? One simple note would be the mass availability of violence. Consider that a child is exposed to lots of media violence via media, he might start to take in the idea that violence is a normal thing. Since he takes it to be the norm, then witnessing or suffering from violent act thus becomes something of a fact such as the sun rises in the East! More importantly, children who perceive violent acts to be a common thing may even resolve to violence to solve conflicts. This may lead to an aggressive nature which is hard to change later in life.

How safe the producers of violence shows may guarantee, it is always a poor choice letting children tread into the world of violence. Parents are responsible for their children’s show options. Viewing rules should be established in order to monitor and supervise what their children are watching. Furthermore, watching TV shows with children provides long-term benefits in managing appropriate programs as well as bonding relationship among family members. Violence could further exist both in entertaining programs news. So, the best way is to explain to children how violence affects the world. This helps avoid any confusion bred by uncommon act of aggression. Lastly, there is a good side of TV, the learning side. Channels like Discovery, National Geography, etc. are quite inspirational for gaining new knowledge.

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