You may not pay much attention to your shoes, at least on the health aspect, but inappropriate shoes could cause a lot of problems which are not limited to your feet.

Ultra-high heels

Ultra-high heels may cause ankle sprains and chronic pain. High heels, either sky high or medium style, are known to cause a painful bump on the back of the heel. The pressure high heels putting on this spot results in bruising, swelling, blisters, and even Achilles pain. Changing shoes and heel pads may help ease the pain, but the bump is permanent.

Another problem is the position that ultra-high heels put the feet in. All the pressure is placed on the ball of the foot. This is a critical location where the long metatarsal bones meet the pea-shaped sesamoid bones, and the toe bones (phalanges). Excessive pressure may damage the bones and nerves. In some cases, long-term pressure could lead to hairline fractures. The only solution is to go with low heels. Experts recommend that shoes should not be taller than 5 cm. Even those 5 cm heels should not be worn all the time, either.


Stilettos are high heels with extremely narrow heels. All of your weight is put on a tiny point, which increases your risk of falling and hurt your ankles. You would be better off with chunky heels because they have a larger surface area, which allow even distribution of weight. Chunky heels provide more stability, reducing your risk of tripping.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats have no support structure. That not only prevents the feet from functioning properly but also raises the risk of knee, hip, and back problems. Improper arch support may result in plantar fasciitis. If you still want to wear ballet flats, you may buy inserts and heel pads to provide your feet with more support.


Since flip-flops offer so little coverage, they put you at risk of getting splinters and food injuries. Therefore, diabetic patients should not wear flip-flops to avoid complications resulting from cuts and scrapes. Besides, flit-flops are pretty much the same as ballet flats – no arch support.

Platform shoes

Platform shoes have rigid foot beds, which interfere with the mechanism of walking. While you walk, your feet need to bend. Platform shoes prevent your feet from doing that. Imaging a fight where your feet try their best to bend but your platform shoes keep using it rigid base to hold your feet down. That can’t be good. Shoes are there for support, not for wars.

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