Diet for Patients With Heartburn


People are experiencing a heartburn or acid reflux if they have that uncomfortable and burning feeling under the chest. Sometimes, this condition is due to stress and the lying positions, however, most of the time, the trigger lies in the diet.

Which food causes heartburn?

Food that causes heartburn may vary with different people. However, in general, you should change your diet when it includes:

Acidic food

Oranges, tomatoes or grapefruits are highly acidic foods and should be avoided when you regularly experience heartburn. These are the triggers for heartburn, especially when consumed on empty stomach.

Hot food

Spicy food also causes heartburn. Food with loads of pepper, chili or other spices should be avoided, or at least, consumed in a small amount. Garlic and onion also are what trigger heartburn in some cases.

Fatty food

High-fat food along with large meals is also what causes that acid flux back up from your stomach. Fatty food usually takes longer to be digested and so do big portion meals. The longer it stays in your stomach, the more acid your stomach will produce, making it likely to be fluxed out.

Alcohol and caffeine

These two substances are likely to cause heartburn as they control the sphincter, making it relax or weaken, allowing stomach acid to flow back up into your esophagus.

How to change your diet?

Look for lower acidic food

These foods include bread, green veggies and fish. Heartburn is caused due to high amount of acid in the stomach moving up to your esophagus. The acid includes the one produced internally and the one from food you take in, try to lower the latter one by using low acidic foods would help reduce heartburn symptoms.

Add some herbs

Herbs like parsley and fennel would do great help in preventing acid flux. These are easy to mix up with your dishes and also provide many health benefits including improving digestion and working as a treatment for upset stomach.

Aloe vera and ginger are also agents that can help to prevent heartburn. Besides, foods like broiled chicken, baked sweet potatoes, toast, or cottage cheese, are safe if you’ve been struggling with heartburn.

Pay attention to your diet plan and keep track of it as it would differ from people to people when it comes to causes of heartburn. Take note and avoid food provoking acid flux, add more dishes that you know are safe to your meal. Keep in mind that adding some safe food to your diet doesn’t do any good if you keep consuming those high acid ones.

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