People usually have the habit of rubbing their eyes whenever there is a foreign object flying into them or when they feel tired and sleepy. This act, in fact, is a bad habit and may bring about many conplicated health risks to the eyes.

What are the consequenses of rubbing your eyes?

Unsightly appearance

First of all, rubbing eyes can ruin your good looking appearance. This is because rubbing breaks the tinyblood vessels in the eyes, causing the blood-shots. In addition, rubbing brings about the ugly dark circles that you always want to get rid of.


Conjunctivitis results from eyes rubbing. Everybody knows that their hands are the places that contain many germs. Thus, when people rub their eye with hand, germs will immediately be transferred to the eye causing infections.

Cornea damage

There are times when foreign object gets stuck in one’s eye. At that point, they instinctively do the rubbing to remove the object, not knowing that it can actually damage the cornea by their scratching.

Similarly, rubbing the eyes too often can make the cornea become thinner and thinner. This condition is called keratoconus which leads to distorted vision.

Severity of pre-existing eye problems

For those who suffer from myopia or glaucoma, rubbing will worsen the eyesight. More seriously, by putting extra pressure to the eyes, they can affect the blood flow to the eyes, leading to nerve damage or worse, permanent loss of vision.

How can people stop rubbing their eyes?

This habit is not difficult to get rid of whatsoever. Follow the instructions below to keep your eye safe and healthy.

  • If you happen to have some foreign object stuck in your eyes, get them out by the eye wash such as sterile saline or lubricant or artificial tears. If this method fails, go to the doctor to get help. Try not to rub since you have already known the complications.
  • There are many eye drop which are beneficial to your eyes such as artificial tear or antihistamine. For allergy sufferers, doctor may prescibe steriod eye drops.
  • Use eye drop regularly to keep the eyes hydrated while prevent dryness, itchiness or irritation.
  • If you appear to experiencing dry eyes, get medical help from doctor for medicine.
  • Besides, you can work on your diet to enhance the healthy state of your eyes. People can either consume carrots, fatty fish or dark leafy veggie, orange pepper. Besides, they can take supplements such as Vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc, calcium or fish oil.

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