Creating A Healthy Work Environment

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Have you ever felt happier and more inspired in some places compared to others? Well, you may have realised by now that some places are able to invoke a positive, encouraging and feel-good feeling while others don’t. This is why a healthy work environment is imperative to boost employees’ motivation and happiness. A healthy work environment also increases productivity and organizational health.

In order to learn how to create this wonderful work environment, let us look at the top 5 aspects of it:

Positive physical environment

It is much more enjoyable and less stressful to go to a work in an environment that is bursting with positivity. A positive work environment is not only vital for our physical, mental and emotional well-being, but it is also important for the level of productivity. This is because the better a person feels at work, the higher the chance he or she will function at an optimum level and be dedicated to the occupation.

Ways to create this:

Have a clean and comfortable work environment with sufficient sunlight and relaxing furniture. Have some live plants in the office as scientific studies have proven the benefits of having more greenery in the office as humans have an innate need to be close to nature, which scientists refer to as ‘biophilia’.

Occupational health and safety measure

A healthy workplace also takes into consideration the health and safety of its employees. This will prevent any concern and preoccupation on safety while working at the work place.

Ways to create this:

Ensure electric cables are taped down or covered and fix any cracks in walls or ceilings. Having sufficient windows and fire extinguishers at hand would also be a good safety measure to have.

Healthy lifestyle activities

Employees are the strength of every organisation. Through the emphasis on the well-being of employees, an increase in productivity will be able to attain as well as reducing the number of absentee due to sick leave.

Ways to create this:

Encourage employees to bring food from home and provide a fridge as well as a microwave. Healthy lunches and snacks can be bought for team meetings. Promote wellness and fitness at the office by having a gym at the office to encourage employees to workout before work, after work or even during breaks. Encourage employees to take the stairs and motivate them towards taking part in fun runs and marathons to inspire them to be healthier.

Supportive and empathetic colleagues

Nurturing values of empathy and supportiveness towards one another at the office shows that you not only care about the progress of the business, but that you also care about the well-being of your employees and colleagues.  A supportive and caring workplace culture is the substance of a healthier work environment.

Ways to create this:

Cultivate meaningful friendships at work, celebrate brithdays, organize departmental pot luck, have team building activities, show concern and compassion towards each other. Practice generosity, appreciation, sincerity and validation.

Healthy corporate culture

Every company has its own corporate culture that regulates its value. This usually creates a customary practice to which employees generally adhere. As a healthier corporate culture is practised, the entire work environment will be more positive and happier thus creating a much more energetic and optimistic atmosphere. A healthy corporate culture can also help employees stay productive and be inspired to produce better work quality.

Ways to create this:

Build a purpose-driven organization which also focus on organizational health and the participation of the entire team towards this purpose. Have a weekly exercise program such as a Zumba session as a whole team, practice forgiving each other for past mistakes and discuss the lessons behind it instead of finger pointing each other.

work environment

Without a doubt, a healthy work environment fosters employees satisfaction and better productivity. It’s win-win situations for both employers and employees and should be cultivated in every work place.

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Pamilia Lourdunathan Clinical Psychology
Pamilia is a clinical psychologist and health coach at Naluri, with more than 2 years of practising experience as a clinical psychologist in the government ...
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Pamilia Lourdunathan Clinical Psychology
Pamilia is a clinical psychologist and health coach at Naluri, with more than 2 years of practising experience as a clinical psychologist in the government and private sectors under the pediatric and adult unit. She obtained her Master's degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from International Islamic University Malaysia and is currently completing her doctoral degree in Psychology at the same institution. She has also received certification on person-centred counselling skills.

Pamilia also has experience as an academician and enjoys conducting research. She is currently in the process of implementing an intervention program aiming to improve the emotional, behavioural and social well-being of adolescents living with HIV at shelter homes. She is passionate about helping the homeless and is experienced as a workshop assistant facilitator in collaboration with Pertubuhan Tindakan Wanita Islam (PERTIWI) and Human Relations Wellness Development (HRW).

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