Common Condom-Use Errors


There are many ways to plan a family or to prevent pregnancy. Using condom is one of them. However, some people still have no idea how to use a condom in the right ways and it sometimes leads to unexpected pregnancy. If you still make mistakes with condom-use, follow this article for more information.

What is a condom?

A condom is a birth control method that works by acting as a barrier, blocking the route that the sperms and egg can meet and start fertilization. Besides that, it also helps to prevent the transmission of some infection diseases such as  HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis.

There are two types of condoms: for male and for female. A male condom is more commonly used than a female condom.  It is sometimes referred to as a rubber and prophylactic. By effectively using a condom, you can prevent up to 98% of unwanted pregnancy, but people are still making mistakes when it comes to using a condom.

Popular mistakes when using condom

Let’s take a look at some of the condom errors people make to ensure you never have to experience them.


In theory, if you wear 2 condoms at the same time, you will get the extra protection. What about in reality? Wearing 2 condoms is not effective like people said because it can be pretty tight fit.

Putting it on too late

Many men like to experience “going raw” and will only put a condom on when they are close to ejaculation before wearing a condom. However, any contact between the genital lead to an STD or pregnancy. Therefore, waiting too long is never a good idea.

Putting it on too soon

When the penis is not erect, it is not smart to put on a penis. The condom may not fit properly when the penis is still flaccid, thus there is a chance of leakage.

Using expired condoms

If a condom is expired, you should not use it because its rubber or latex can dry out.

Going for the wrong size

If a man wearing a too large condom, the condom could fall off, roll off or leak at the bottom. Meanwhile, if the condom is too small, it may make you feel uncomfortable or potentially break.

Reusing a condom

Recycling is important for the environment. But when it comes to sex, you shouldn’t recycle a condom.

Not paying attention to rips

Dr. Paul Turek of The Turek Clinic in California said that most of the tears occur not with use but with application – a finger nail or something sharp, an edge gets caught. However, if a condom was used incorrectly, or if you partner has a tight or dry vagina, there is also a risk of tearing. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to any possible tears. If you feel a snap – or the sensation changes – take a moment to check to ensure that the condom hasn’t torn at all.

The list above is some common mistake that men usually faced with when they using a condom. Before using it, you need to check the expired day and carefully read the using instruction.

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