Your hair color is determined by melanin, a substance produced by certain cells called melanocytes at the root of your hair. People believe that your hair color may tell something about your personality.

Red hair

People with red hair have a mutated gene on chromosome 16. Red hair has never failed to fascinate people. Most of the Europeans love and respect red hair. Around 10% of the Scotland and England population is born with red hair. Red hair can also be found, albeit rarely, in some parts of Pakistan and Asia. The UK, however, does not appreciate red hair. People there can be bullied and teased just because their hair is red. The Germany may share the same attitude. Until recently, many still believe that red hair is a sign of the devil. German folklore depicts evil witches as women with red hair and green eyes. Personality traits associated with red hair include mysterious, romantic, passionate, alluring, fiery, explosive, bad tempered, and opinionated.

Blond hair

Natural blond hair is not common. It’s believed that only people in the Northern Europe and America are born with blond hair. However, 5 – 10% of the native population in the Solomon Islands (South Pacific) has blond hair as well. People often assume that blond women are high maintenance. A survey suggests a higher divorce rate among this group. People with blond hair is perceived as feminine, youthful, naive and obedient. Perhaps that is why males are more drawn to blond females.

Brunette hair

Brunette hair is predominant in Asia, South America and Africa. A study suggests that brunette hair is considered more attractive than red and blond hair is. Many Nobel prize winners are brunette and that probably has to mean something. People with brunette hair are seen as hardworking individuals. However, they are also easy to give up at times. When it comes to relationships, brunette fellows are likely to be more serious and prefer stability. Brunette hair color is also associated with a higher risk of baldness and nicotine addiction.

Black hair

Women seem to love men with black hair a little more, just like the way men prefer blond ladies. Black hair is perceived as deep, introspective, meditative, and serious. Certain DNA coding that determines the black color of the hair may contribute to the increased risk of a health condition called Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. People with black hair tend to be interested in religion, poetry, spirituality. They may be self-centered but also have self-doubt. Great psychologists and therapies are often born with black hair.

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