Lately, we keep hearing wonders that tea tree oil can do to our appearance as well as health. Along with that are tons of cosmetic and dietary products with appealing advertisements. So, what exactly is tea tree oil? How effective is it? How can you take the most out of tea tree oil?

What is tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is the liquid extract people take from the leaves of the tea tree. Tea tree is actually a tree growing on the swampy southeast coast of Australia, not the tea plant used to make black and green teas.

Benefits of tea tree oil

Antibacterial properties

Tea tree has the ability to cure many horrible and dangerous bacterial infections in tropical areas where it is originated. People in this region can stay safe from bacterial infections in their wounds, using this oil. Tea tree oil can also cope with internal infections in the colon, stomach, intestines, excretory and urinary system. It can deal with tuberculosis as well.

Ear infections healer

Tea tree oil, or melaleuca oil, is safe when used topically, including for the ear canal. This oil save patients of ear infections from pain and suffering by only some drops. The oil can wash away the infection thanks to its natural antibacterial ability. Besides, it can ease the pain and speed up the healing process.

Acne controlling

Tea tree oil can cope with various skin conditions, from psoriasis, eczema to severe acne. People have acne when the sebum glands in their skin get blocked and infected dirt or toxins. The oil works by clearing up the sebum glands, getting rid of bacteria, bringing about smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Antimicrobial properties

Tea tree oil is able to defeat microbes. It can kill and keep protozoa at bay, protecting you from serious tropical fever and malaria.

Skin health supporting

Tea tree oil possesses powerful antioxidant qualities, offering you an appearance of milder blemishes and scars. In fact, the oil works well in eliminating age spots and beauty marks, giving you younger and smoother skin. In addition, tea tree oil can reduce wrinkles as well.

Hair caring

With its stimulant property, tea tree oil can help with certain hair conditions. Apply some drops of the oil to your scalp, then gently massage. By doing so, you increase the blood flow to the follicle, keeping it stay hydrated and making it healthier and stronger. As a result, you can reduce dandruff and hair loss.

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