Rice is consumed in many places in the world. It possesses amazing flavor and nutritional value with tons of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and other active compounds. Follow us to see what wonders rice water, a product of rice, can bring about.

What is rice water and how to make it?

When talking about rice water, many people may think of the liquid produced by soaking rice to prepare for cooking. However, the best form of rice water is the one produced by boiling the rice in lots of water.

How to make rice water?

You will need:

  • White rice: haft a cup
  • Water: 4 cups


Boil the water in a large cook or saucepan. Once it boils, add the rice and continue to cook. After 20 minutes, remove the cook from heat, strain the contents. Wait until the liquid is cool off. Store the rice water in a glass container and put it into the fridge. The liquid can be used for several days.

What are the benefits of rice water?

  1. Natural conditioner

Rice water can replace the conventional conditioner and give you strong, shiny, and healthy hair. You just need to wet your hair with rice water, let it stay for some minutes and rinse off with warm water. Repeat the remedy 3 times a week.

  1. Skin toner

Rice water contains active compounds that can minimize the pores, wash away dead skin cells and accelerate the effects of products meant to block harmful UV rays. These properties make rice water a great skin toner. All you have to do is use is cotton ball soaked in rice water to apply to your face. Let it dry there. You can go to sleep with the mask on your skin for better effect as well. Practice the remedy daily.

  1. Acne treatment

Rice water has the anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that can reduce and prevent pimples.

This natural product is gentle to your skin, making it smooth and soft. Just use a cotton ball to apply rice water directly to the skin areas that have blackheads and pimples. Practice the remedy every day, twice a day.

  1. Anti-diarrheal remedy

In the rice exist minerals that can treat diarrhea symptoms. Add some salt to your glass of rice water and enjoy. You will need two drinks a day until diarrhea gets improved.

  1. Natural energizer

Rice water can actually resemble an energy drink when it offers the body 8 essential amino acids that can regenerate the muscle. It also carries some carbohydrates. Give yourself an energy boost by drinking a glass of rice water 30 minutes prior to the training.

  1. Eczema treatment

We all know that the starch presenting in rice can deal with eczema. Apply rice water in the affected areas to reduce the itchiness, dryness and irritation. It’s best to do the remedy 3 times a day.

  1. Remedy for constipation

Consume fresh or flavored (with fruits) rice water a day to ease your constipation.

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