Do Beard Growth Supplements Actually Work?

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Not only women, men are also trying every day to improve their appearance and style. It seems like growing a thick and stylish beard is becoming one of the most common beauty trends for male theses days. Accordingly, vitamins and supplements for beard growth become popular. However, gentlemen, have you ever wondered if those products actually bring you benefits? If yes, this article is for you.

Can supplements actually boost your beard growth?

Most of the supplements and creams on the market these days which are advertised for bringing about thick, full bread growth lack scientific credibility. In fact, there are no types of supplements that can turn you from a smooth, hairless-faced guy to a guy with thickly hairy face. The vitamins and minerals contained in those beard growth supplements can only improve the beard that’s already present on your face.The general reasons why some men have trouble growing beard include genetics, certain skin conditions and low level of testosterone hormone.

In case genetics is the cause preventing your body from growing a beard, supplements may not have any uses. However, if it is just because of some nutrient deficiencies, those beard growth products may help.

What should you look for in beard growth supplements?

It’s always best to take care of yourself from the inside. When combined with a healthy routine, good beard growth supplements can bring you your desired beard. To look for an effective product, you should consider the following ingredients.

BetaCarotene. Beta-carotene can be transferred to vitamin A when consumed to your body. This nutrient is a  booster for healthy sebum, which can protect the skin against dryness and thereby provide a good environment for beard to grow.

Vitamin D. This so-called sunshine vitamin is beneficial for hair growth while preventing ingrown hairs. Therefore, it is definitely needed for your beard growth, especially for those living in areas with limited sunlight.

Biotin. Keratin is the protein that is mostly found in your hair. Amino acids are the main factors of protein while Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, promotes the production of amino acids in your body.  An adequate consumption of biotin can improve the growth speed and the well-being of your beard.

Folic Acid. This nutrient keeps your tissues and cells healthy, which are necessary for healthy beards.

Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 or cobalamin is the essential vitamin for your nerve and blood cells’ health. It contributes to the healthy metabolism, bringing about strong hair.

Vitamin C. Your body needs vitamin C to absorb collagen and synthesize protein. Consuming vitamin C is vital for your beard growth.

Vitamin E. Vitamin E promotes hair follicles’ wellness, creating a suitable environment for beard growth.

Zinc. Zinc is effective in maintaining healthy testosterone levels. Since low level of testosterone can cause trouble for your beard’s growth, consuming Zinc can help.

There are also other ingredients that should be contained in your beard growth supplement products such as cysteine, sulfur containing amino acid and shilajit, an ayurvedic remedy. And, don’t forget to check with your healthcare provider before taking any supplements.

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Review Date: May 22, 2017 | Last Modified: December 4, 2019

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