Do Bangs Really Cause Acne?


Bangs can turn you into a fashionable, trendy and impressive girl. But since you had bangs, have you noticed the acne breakout appearing on your forehead? This article will help you find out whether there is any relation between bangs and acne.

Do bangs really cause acne?

When the oil and dead skin cells clog the hair follicles, the bacteria have the opportunity to develop, causing acne breakout. The constant contact between your hair and your skin may be the cause of your forehead blemishes. This is because when bangs cover your forehead, the natural hair oils and dead skin cells from the scalp will be accumulated, covering the surface of your skin. Therefore, your pore will be clogged, leading to the breakouts, which is called hairline acne or pomade acne. The condition is worse if your hair tends to get greasy or you use so many beauty products that deposit the debris onto your skin.

Solutions for forehead breakouts

The most effective treatment for the forehead breakout is having the culprit, your bangs removed. Alternatively, you can tuck your bangs away and let your skin breathe. Scarf and headband are also good choices that can both make you look good and keep the acne from forming. Every week, you should get your hairstyle updo; an easy headband braid or classic ponytail are always good options.

The use of a rough facial scrub may make the condition become worse. Instead,  choose a gentle chemical formula. An application of exfoliating serum at night can help remove dead skin cells. And, you can dab blemishes with a salicylic acid spot treatment. Over-the-counter products that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid are helpful, too. You can ask your dermatologist for prescription of the different medication if those products do not work on you.

Moreover, changes in your styling methods can contribute to minimizing the amount of oil produced on your skin. When using spritz products, apply it to your comb instead of spraying directly on your hair. Additionally, try to keep the hair products off your face. Instead of applying around your hairline and directly on your scalp, you ought to apply them from the middle of the shaft to the ends so pomade acne doesn’t have a chance to flare up.

Not everyone with bangs has to suffer forehead breakouts. For people whose forehead is free from acne, just keep up with your regular skin regimen. For those who live with the blemish, hopefully, these solutions above combined with a good hygiene such as regular washing can help you condition get better.

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