You have been waiting for ages for a holiday abroad but you may worry that you cannot keep a healthy body during these days? Traveling a lot, eating new foods and staying in a strange environment are what your worry about? Cheer up and read the article for some useful tips.

Get vaccinated

When you travel, you may come into contact with several diseases. Your risk of being infected depends on the place you are traveling, your overall health, the activities you do while traveling, and your history of vaccination. Some rare diseases in your country may become common in other areas, thus, vaccine is always important.

You should see your health care provider at least 4 weeks before you leave. Make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccines. Tell your health care provider clearly about your trip. Then ask him or her if you should get any type of vaccine. No matter where you want to go, do not skip vaccines. They can protect you against certain serious but preventable illnesses.

Prepare for a safe flight

If you are traveling by plane, plan ahead. Traveling by plane is not always funny. Some people even feel sick when they are in the cabin. However, you can take some steps to make flying become easier.

  • Check with the airport and your airline for an updated list of what is allowed in a carry-on luggage. This is extremely important. If you carry objects that are not recommended, you may be stuck at the airport.
  • Wear loose fit and soft clothing and shoes. You can easily take them off if you are asked to do so when you go through security. Plus, these outfits make you can feel comfortable and relaxed on the plane.
  • Do not sit down for the whole flight. Go around to prevent blood clots.
  • Drink plenty of water and change your sleeping schedule to the time zone of the place where you are traveling to. This can help ease jet lag.
  • In case you are afraid of flying and you have other choices of transportation, do not force yourself to go on a plane.

Carry your medications with you

If you are taking certain medicines, bring them with you. You should also bring the doctor’s prescription. You may be asked when you go through security, or in case you need to buy the drugs.

You should also carry certain types of over-the-counter medicines that are used to treat common conditions. It may be hard to find the exact medications you need in a strange area. Remember to store your medicines in a cool and dry place.

Prepare food

When you travel, you should prepare foods so you can still eat healthy meals. Foreign foods sometimes are not suitable for your health condition. However, do not eat whenever you want. Try to stick to your regular eating schedule. At the hotel, ask for a room with refrigerator so you can store healthy foods such as yogurt, fruits, milk, or cheese. You can also store some foods that do not require a low-temperature environment such as seeds, nuts, cereals, dried fruits, popcorn, and low-fat crackers. You can eat these foods between meals so you will not eat too much in the big meals.

Drink plenty of water

Water is very important. Drinking water can help prevent jet lag. When you travel, your body can become dehydrated since you go outside more than you used to or you do more activities than usual. Thus, always bring a bottle of water with you. Drink water throughout the day. Do not drink too much water at once.

Stick to sunscreen

You may be exposed to the sun more often. As you know, UV radiations in the sun can damage your skin. Thus, stick with sunscreen. You should choose sunscreens that have SPF of 30 or more. The sunscreens should be labeled ‘broad-spectrum’ so they can protect you against both UVA and UVB. Apply sunscreen every 2 hours. If you sweat, you may have to reapply the sunscreen more frequently.

Stay active

A holiday abroad sometimes means completely relaxed. However, do not skip doing exercises while traveling if you want to keep a healthy body. You may be unable to go to the gym but you can do simple exercises such as walking, running or swimming (some hotels or resorts have their own swimming pools). Just stay active as much as possible, do what you can. You do not have to push your body too hard.

Seek medical attention if needed

Accidents and diseases are unwanted but unavoidable. You should seek medical help if needed. The condition may get worse if you leave it untreated. Do not think that going to a hospital will ruin your trip. Your health is always more important.

You can still enjoy your holiday abroad while keeping a healthy body. Just follow some simple tips so illness, diseases, accidents, or other health problems will not be able to ruin your trip.

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