7 Tips to Fast When You Have A Sore Throat

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When undergoing fasting, your immune system can decrease so you are more susceptible to viruses and bacteria. You may also experience a sore throat due to bacterial infection. So how should you fast while having a sore throat? Check out the below healthy tips to undergo fasting even when sore throat attacks.

When to go to the doctor during a sore throat?

Basically, sore throat is not a serious type of infection. The disease will go away within about a week. However, in some cases, sore throat can cause quite alarming complications. Especially if you already have a disease that attacks the body immune system such as HIV/AIDS or cancer.

You should also check with your doctor if the inflammation in the throat does not heal even after a few weeks, or if you have a high fever above 38 degrees Celsius, difficulty swallowing or breathing, or your voice is gone.

Tips to undergo fasting with a sore throat

You can still actually take part in fasting even with a sore throat. However, keep in mind the following guidelines to have a smooth fasting and to heal your sore throat quickly.

Breathe through the nose, not through the mouth

As a general rule when you have a sore throat, do not breathe through your mouth. Breathing through your mouth will make your throat dry and sore. If you also have a cold, it is possible that you unconsciously breathe through your mouth because your nose is blocked. But as long as you are aware of it, make sure you always breathe through your nose.

Wear a mask and avoid speaking

Just like breathing through the mouth, talking too much will make the throat even drier. This is because when you are speaking, air and various foreign particles such as dust will enter the throat through the mouth.

Limit speaking as much as possible if you have a sore throat. To avoid air, dirt, bacteria, or foreign particles that enter the mouth and make the throat more irritating, wear a face mask throughout the day.

Avoid dry air or room

Dry air or room will reduce the production of saliva and mucus in the throat. As a result, the inflammation can get worse. So, avoid cold room or open air where the air is dry.

If possible, install a humidifier and avoid using a fan. If you use air conditioner (AC), set the temperature not too cold and the wind does not blow too fast towards you.

Gargle with salt water

Salt water is proven to be able to reduce irritation and inflammation in the throat. So, you can gargle with salt that has been dissolved in a glass of warm water 3 times a day.

When rinsing with salt water, do not swallow the water. Just gargle while looking up for a few seconds. Make sure the liquid touches the throat, then spit it out. If the salt water tastes too strong, mix it with a teaspoon of honey.

Start a meal with an easy to swallow food item

In order for the irritation not to get worse, choose food that is easily swallowed like soup. Avoid fried foods, crackers, or thick, salty foods that may make your throat even sicker. Make sure you also drink plenty of water after breaking the fast until it is time to eat.

Inhale steam

If your throat feels very dry and uncomfortable, try breathing steam from hot water. Bring enough hot water and pour in a bowl, then place the bowl beneath your face and breathe normally. Inhale the steam through the nose.

You can cover your head and bowl with a towel or cloth to increase the effectiveness. Repeat this several times a day to make your throat more comfortable.


In order to fast while having a sore throat, rest can be the key. Dr. Jeffrey Linder from Boston, USA says that in order for the body to work against infection, you should get enough rest. Make sure you sleep for seven to nine hours a day. In addition, you should avoid working overtime or staying up late.

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