These days, the rumor has it that a 7-minute workout might be healthier and more effective than spending 30 minutes or so at the gym daily. Is it true? The article below will give you further information regarding this matter.

Is the rumor true?

According to scientists at McMaster University located in Hamilton, Ontario, interval training that involve high-intensity workouts do show many benefits. For example, the 7-minute workout offers more molecular changes within muscles compared to several hours spent on riding the bike or running. The reason is that in those 7 minutes, you have to engage in high-intensity exercises, and they enable you to reach to maximum capacity.

However, it is difficult and quite unlikely to build a healthy body by just working out 7 minutes a day. In fact, 7-minute workout, no matter how hard or high intensity it is, still cannot be compared with 30 minutes or so at the gym daily or a few times a week.

What does a 7-minute workout include?

In average, adults should engage themselves in moderate physical activities for approximately 150 minutes per week, or high intensity workout for 75 minutes weekly.  However, if you are too busy to go to the gym, here’s the plan for your 7-minute workout:

The high-intensity workouts include both kind of exercise, which are weight bearing (also known as strength training, which involves muscle contraction to build strength), and aerobic (also known as cardio, which aims to boost heart rate and oxygen use). The 7-minute workout uses your body weight to provide resistance, and each exercise is performed for about 30 seconds, with a 10-second rest before moving on to next exercise. With the breaks included, the 7-minute workout will cost you approximately 8 minutes.

Here is one set of exercises for a 7-minute workout:

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Wall sits
  3. Push-ups
  4. Abdominal exercise
  5. Step-ups onto objects that have average height (for instance, a chair)
  6. Squats
  7. Triceps dips on a chair
  8. Planks
  9. Running in place or high knees
  10. Lunges
  11. Push-ups and rotation
  12. High planks

As it turns out, a 7-minute workout indeed works, but only to a certain extend. It can be very beneficial and efficient for people who do not have enough time to go to the gym.

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