5 Things to Look For When You Want to Swim During Fasting


Are you one of those water sports lovers? Swimming is a type of light exercise that has a lot of benefits. Swimming involves all the muscles of the body, and although classified as a light exercise, swimming can also burn calories in large quantities! In addition, swimming is also beneficial for heart and respiratory health. But what if you want to swim during fasting? What should be prepared?

Swimming during fasting, is it okay?

Swimming while fasting is basically okay as long as it is done right. You have to make sure that nothing will come into your body when you swim. The reason, the thing that breaks the fast is the entry of something to the body. So as long as you guarantee that no water enters the esophagus, it is certainly allowed.

You can swim for 30-60 minutes per day as an activity to fill the time before breaking the fast. Swimming for 30 minutes is proved to be able to burn 360 calories for women and 420 calories for men.

What should be prepared when swimming during fasting?

When you want to swim, there are several tools that are used to help while you are in the water. The equipment you should prepare before deciding to swim during fasting are:

  1. Earplugs

Some swimmers use earplugs to block water from entering the ear canal when they swim. This is because the water coming into the ear can cause discomfort for several hours after swimming and can also increase your chances of getting an ear infection or swimmer’s ear.

  1. Nose pincers

Similar to ear plug, it’s good to use a nose clamp to prevent water from entering your nose when you swim during fasting. In addition, this nose clamp also works so that you avoid small microbes that live in the pool into your nose.

  1. Swimming goggles

Most pool water contains high chlorine and other chemicals to keep water free of bacteria and algae. But did you know the chlorine content in the pool can irritate the eyes? Well, that’s why it’s important to use swimming goggles. In addition to allowing your vision in the water to be more clear, you can also protect your eyes from irritation caused by the chlorine content in the water.

  1. Buoys

If you can’t swim well, you can use swimming equipment that is designed to help you float and practice your techniques while swimming, such as buoys. A buoy is a tool that contains foam or air to help you to float while swimming. It is available as a board, vest, or float that placed in both arms and legs.

  1. Swimming hat

Swimming hat is one of the swimming equipment made of silicone or latex that is used to cover the head while swimming. Swimming hats also serve to keep your hair from covering your face while you swim, protecting the hair from chlorine damage, and maintaining body heat while you are in the water.

The most important thing to do when you want to swim when fasting is do not forget to warm up before swimming in order to minimize the risk of cramps or muscle tension. Also apply waterproof sunscreen on your skin with so that sunlight and chlorine will not be directly absorbed by your skin. Make sure during the swim you are not dehydrated.

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