Running is a simple but effective exercise to maintain an enduring health. Let’s start your running practice tomorrow morning by following some tips below.

Running, besides walking, is the most basic form of exercising. A runner can come from everywhere, from an urban elder to a young and energetic country farmer. You may think on a Sunday morning, you feel like running. So you walk out of the door, then run. The idea can be exciting and challenging at first, but there are repercussions. Since your body has not been made ready to run yet, so you will get tired quickly, and there are going to be some muscular pains. Not to mention what you are wearing, the gears, the shoes, they may not be made for running, so tripping on the pavement or getting sore feet is somehow inevitable.

Thus, to start running and take it seriously, there are some little tips for you.

Invest in your gear

Good running shoes do not really cost that much. Get yourself a pair of running shoe that will last for years, not months. In addition, everybody has different running styles, feet shapes, purpose as well as running intensity. Having a suitable pair of running shoes makes you run smoothly and comfortably.

Set a suitable schedule

Although you can run anytime you want, still setting up a regular routine will be more beneficial. It helps synchronize your biological clock with a new habit. It is best to start off with a 3-time routine for around half an hour as the beginning, and then gradually increase the running time. It is good to put some times into walking while running, then decrease it when you get used to running.

Push yourself through sometimes

When you first start running, there are times you feel tired and you think that you cannot run anymore and want to walk your way home, get to your comfy bed and resume those dreams that you have paused. Yes, there are times like that, and it is extremely tempting to do so. But remember, it is hard to start something new, but it is worthy once it becomes your thing. And also, stick yourself with an easy running plan, you do not want to run 5 miles on your first day and quit the next day. Lay it low at first, and make yourself comfortable with it.

Warm-up and cool-down

Do not skip these two things for they are just as important as running properly. The warm-up helps your body get into the running mode. Your heart rate slowly increases and your muscles get warmer. Cool-down is just the opposite. It helps your body get out of running mode and return to your daily casual mode. Furthermore, warm-up and cool-down also build up your muscle strength and flexibility which boosts your running performance.

Refuel yourself with food and drink

Your running consumes lots of your energy your body produces. So, drinking and eating healthily after running are what you should do. Stay hydrated after the run, or even during running if you get thirsty easily. Get yourself some snacks before running if you want to have some more energy. After the run, refuel your body with nutrients like protein or carbs or anything that you lack. Then you will feel more alive.

Overall, running may get hard if you are not used to it, especially when you have not exercised for a really long time. But with proper preparations and consistency, you will get much out of running.

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