5 Facts About Constipation


Constipation is the condition in which your bowel movements happen less than they are supposed to. Although everyone experiences it once in a while, not many people know the facts about it. To clear out all the myths about constipation, take a look at these 5 facts:

You don’t need to have a bowel movement every day

When it comes to bowel movements, there is no strict rule at all. Everyone has their own pace. While some people need to use the restroom up to 3 times a day, others may only want to go 3 times per week. People commonly have one bowel movement a day. But if you do not, and you have not felt any discomfort, it is fine. Less than 3 bowel movements a week is an indication of constipation.

Constipation does not poison your body

Many people believe that if the stools stay in your body for too long, it will produce toxins. This is a pure myth. There has not been any study or trial that can support this claim. Therefore, colon cleansing, laxatives, or enemas will not protect you from cancers and other diseases.

Depression can cause constipation

Your mood is likely to have a direct effect on your bowel movements. If you are constipated, and you have been under a lot of stress lately, you can fix your problem by relieving your stress through meditation and other relaxation techniques. It may be useful to massage your belly so that the muscles supporting your intestines can relax.

Medications can trigger constipations as well

Certain medications such as painkillers, antidepressants, and drugs used to treat high blood pressure are associated with chronic constipation. If you are experiencing constipation while taking medications, you should tell your doctor. Your doctor should be able to switch you to another less troublesome drug.

Fluids help

When your body is hydrated, your stools get soft and can travel through your intestine much easier. If plain water bores you, you can stay hydrated by eating fruits and vegetables. However, steer clear of caffeine and alcohol since they can cause dehydration. Drink warm liquids in the morning also help you to find the urge.

Drink plenty of water and adding fibers to your diet may be able to ease your constipation. However, if constipation persists, you should visit your doctor to get treatment. Do not take laxatives to treat it by yourself because laxative overuse can make your situation worse.

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