4 Reasons Why You Have a Headache After Sex


You may be surprised, but indeed, you can experience headaches after sex, which is called sex headaches. The article below will give further information on this as well as some advice on what to do in this scenario.

What is sex headaches?

Normally, sex headaches are brought about by sexual intercourse, especially an orgasm. During the process, as excitement and thrill build up, you may notice a dull ache in your head or neck. Or, more frequently, a sudden, severe headache can occur just before or right at the moment of orgasm. Sex headaches can last up to several minutes, or even from two to three days.

Most of the time, sex headaches are harmless and have no further complications. However, it should not be underestimated since a sex headache can be an indicator of something dangerous (such as blood vessels problems) and need specialized treatment.

What causes the pain?

No exact evidence has been made to conclude what causes sex headaches. However, it is a widespread belief among doctors that sex headaches are in fact swift rises in blood pressure that can happen during sexual intercourse or to be specific, during orgasm.

On the other hand, that does not mean that coital headaches are more likely to happen to people with high blood pressure since no scientific research has been able to justify this. Nevertheless, it is the fact that sex headaches struck older males more frequently compared to younger ones. Moreover, if you are going through some intense emotional stress, you are very likely to experience coital headaches.

Despite the fact that the cause of sex headaches are unknown, here are 4 reasons why you encounter them:

  1. Problems with your arteries. It can be a widening or bubble in the wall of an artery inside of your head (also known as intracranial aneurysm), an abnormal connection between the veins in the brain (arteriovenous malformation) and the arteries that leave internal bleeding in, around the brain, or bleeding into the wall of an artery leading to the brain (dissection), or coronary artery disease.
  2. Stroke
  3. Use of some medications, such as birth control pills
  4. Inflammation from certain infections

What is the natural course of events?

The coital headaches may never occur again, or in the most frequent scenario, after repeating themselves for a few weeks or months every time a person has sex, they fade away.

When to see a doctor

Sex headaches are usually not life-threatening, meaning that they aren’t actually a cause for concern. Nevertheless, consult your doctor for the professional opinion if you experience a headache during sexual intercourse, especially if this is the first time you have ever had it, or if the sex headaches begin abruptly, just in case.

Once the headaches have become so frequent that they are unbearable or they are affecting your daily life negatively, see a doctor immediately. That can be an indicator of something much more serious that needs to be treated as soon as possible to prevent any further complications.

Headaches after sex are nothing strange among adults. However, it should not be underestimated or neglected.

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