Your muscle mass can be categorized into certain groups. Knowing which specific muscle group you need to target is helpful when you want to build an exercising routine.


Quadriceps include the four big muscles in your front thigh. They are often targeted during exercises such as Squats and Lunges.


People tend to forget their hamstrings when they work out, probably because they are hard to see. The hamstrings are the muscles in your back thigh. Hamstrings are also affected during Squats.


Calves are often ignored when it comes to body building. Even professional body builders feel comfortable with tiny calves attached to a huge body. The calves are hard to build. You will have to work each muscle in the calf area.


The chest muscle group is probably the one that gets all the spotlight. Everyone wants to work their chest muscles because they are the easiest to show off. But, keep in mind that you should only work your chest muscles as much as you do with the other muscle groups.


The back muscle group is one of the biggest muscle groups in the body. You need Deadlifts to develop your back muscles. However, be careful with your posture and techniques because improper Deadlifts can be harmful to your health.


The shoulder muscle group include the front deltoids, side deltoids, and rear deltoids. Many people experience shoulder pain, which is why it’s highly recommended to exercise for strong shoulder muscles.


The triceps muscles make up 2/3 of the upper arm. However, most people who want to work the arms only care about the biceps which make up only 1/3 of the arm. If you want stronger arms, don’t forget to include triceps exercises such as reverse grip bench press, close grip bench press, and dips.


As mentioned above, the biceps make up 1/3 of the upper arm. They are active during back exercises so the average person doesn’t need a lot of biceps exercises.


You can work your forearms with almost any type of exercises. The simple act of holding counts, too. You need to pay more attention to your forearms. Since this group is involved in many activities, weak forearms may affect other exercises.


The trapezius refers to the huge upper back muscle.  With the point in the middle of your upper back, the trapezius forms a triangle shape. The trapezius is active during Deadlifts. Another exercise you can use to target it is the power shrug.


Almost all people have nice abs but they are often covered with thick layers of body fat. When your body fat is low enough, your six abs will be revealed. Ab exercises do not help much with burning the fat around your abs. A healthy diet and consistent cardio workouts do.

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