effects of ramadan fasting
Ramadan, Nutrition, Healthy Living, Psychology
Psychological And Social Effects Of Ramadan Fasting
Any muslims can testify to you that they feel better and more peaceful during Ramadan but what are the psychosocial effects of Ramadan fasting?
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Physical activity for children
Health Tips, Healthy Living, Child Care, Parenting
More Physical Activities And Less Screen Time For Kids For Them To Grow Up Healthy
In the newest guideline by WHO, the body called for less screen time and more physical activities for children under the age of 5.
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Durian And Breathalyzer Test
Nutrition, Healthy Living, Oral Health
Eating Durian Can Cause You To Fail A Breathalyzer Test
As much as it is puzzling and hard to believe, there is actually a link between eating Durian and breathalyzer test - specifically testing positive for it.
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blood in the urine
Learn About It
Blood In The Urine: What Could Cause It?
Noticing blood in your urine can be something very alarming but not to worry because here are the causes that could explain your symptoms.
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kaposi's sarcoma
Learn About It
Kaposi’s Sarcoma And Its Variants
Kaposi Sarcoma is one of the infamous AIDS defining condition but did you know that there are other epidemiological variants of the disease?
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Healthy Living, Oral Health
Tonsillectomy And The Reasons For Doing It
Tonsillectomy is one of the most common surgical procedure done today but what are the conditions or indications which necessitate tonsil removal?
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