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Know the basics

What is paraphimosis?

Paraphimosi is a condition when foreskin cannot be pulled back to the head of the penis. It can make foreskin swell and stuck, which blocks the blood flows through the penis. This condition is dangerous if it’s not treated in time

How common is paraphimosis?

Paraphimosis often occurs in male who don’t have circumcision, especially children and the elder.It can be managed by reducing your risk factors. Please discuss with your doctor for further information.

Know the symptoms

What are the symptoms of paraphimosis?

The main symptom is problems pulling the foreskin back. Other symptoms:

  • Swelling of the penis and the foreskin;
  • Pain in the penis;
  • The head of the penis turns into red or black-and-blue.

There may be some signs or symptoms not listed above. If you have any concerns about a symptom, please consult your doctor.

When should I see my doctor?

If you have any signs or symptoms listed above orhave any questions, please consult with your doctor. Everyone’s body acts differently. It is always best to discuss with your doctor what is best for your situation.

Know the causes

What causes paraphimosis?

Paraphimosis can be caused by:

  • Injury in the area of the penis.
  • Do not pull back the foreskin after unrinating or cleaning.
  • The infection may be caused by not cleaning well the penis.

Know the risk factors

What increases my risk for paraphimosis?

There are many risk factors for this disease such as:

  • No circumcision;
  • Circumcise incorrectly or uncompletedly;
  • Children or the elder.

Having no risks does not mean you cannot have spinal stenosis. Risk factors listed above are just for reference. It is always best to discuss with your specialist for more details.

Understand the diagnosis & treatment

The information provided is not a substitute for any medical advice. ALWAYS consult with your doctor for more information.

How is paraphimosis diagnosed?

The doctor will make a diagnosis by a physical examination to search for the swelling signs around the axis near the head of the penis.

How is paraphimosis treated?

The head of the penis may be squeezed. If the technique is ineffective, the foreskin will be removed for spasm. In most of the cases, your doctor will pull the foreskin back by lubing the penis and the foreskin. This technique can cause pain so the patient will be put under anaesthetic. Your doctor will try to reduce swelling by ice; If the swelling is severe, the injection of hyaluronidase (an enzyme helps reduce swelling) will be required. If the situation is too severe, the foreskin will be removed completely.

Lifestyle changes & home remedies

What are some lifestyle changes or home remedies that can help me manage paraphimosis?

The following lifestyles and home remedies might help you cope with this disease:

  • Clean your genital area daily.
  • Always pull the foreskin back after cleaning.
  • Frequently have a check-up and , medical care and timely treatment.

If you have any questions, please consult with your doctor to better understand the best solution for you.

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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