A stroke is sudden and shocking and affects every part of your life. Most people who have had a stroke will experience some kind of emotional change afterwards. It impacts not only on the stroke patient but also on the people around them especially the caregivers. However, not many people have attention on the caregivers, whose their life changes a lot due to the stroke.

Emotional distress in caregivers

A study showed that the caregivers of stroke patient can suffer emotional distress when they taking care of the patient. 55% of caregivers showed evidence of emotional distress on either the two screening instruments, especially with the patient who has dementia and abnormal behavior. The main reasons for the distress are tension, misunderstanding, or feeling of neglect among family members because of the physical and emotional demands of the patient.

This high level of emotional distress among caregivers of stroke patients presents that many needs of the caregivers are unmet. Therefore, community services need to focus more on the psychological aspect and social functioning of the caregivers.

Overcome the emotional impact

When taking care of the stroke patient, the questions can always annoy the caregivers in their heads. They will wonder whether the loved one will recover, what will be the changes what they will need in the next period of time. The caregiver may also worry about how they will manage their new role. Therefore, here are some tips that the caregiver can reduce their burdens in daily life :

  • Take care of yourself.
  • Don’t help too much. Let the person do himself/herself as well as he or she can.
  • Ask for help whenever you need.

Remember that, one of your prime goals is to help the patient become as independent as possible again. In that way, you can reduce your works and can also make the patient become more confident. In the case that you feel impotent and out of control, seek help from outside sources such as family members, friends or medical services.

Remember that you are just human, you can’t do everything by yourself. Hence, try to be realistic, anytime you need help, call for it. However, it is still necessary to educate and train yourself to take care of the loved one in a safe way.

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