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Trying to quit smoking by yourself is quite difficult. It is almost irresistible for ex-smokers to cave in once a smoking possibility presents itself. Therefore, supports from family and friends is considered paramount to guarantee a complete stop to smoking.

Go easy on them

No matter how close your relationship is, quitting smoking is still about the smoker. Remember the feeling you have when you fail to commit to something, ex-smoker feels the same when they slip up, and probably worse. They probably feel so guilty that they may think they will never be able to stop smoking. In this case, getting angry with them will certainly be the worst thing you could possibly do. Instead, talk to them and show how much you understand their situation. Sympathize their feelings and continually remind them of how far they have come. Of course, talking does not always help and when it doesn’t, being there for their needs is all you can do.

Know their triggers

People often fail sometimes before achieving it. Smokers sometimes slip up several times before they successfully give up smoking. The reason for this is not only the cravings but also the triggers. Certainly, we cannot keep them totally trigger-free. What we can do is be aware of what may provoke and enhance their cravings and tendency to slip up. And whenever you are not with them, make sure they are reminded of what may set off their desire. Moreover, you can work out a plan with them to deal with the smoking urge whenever it resurfaces.

Celebrate successes

To prevent people from further slipping up, positive reinforcement can be very useful. Milestones like one day, one week, or one month are decent opportunities for celebration. Being a bit materialistic is okay like giving gifts, show tickets, or getting them their favorite food lets them know you really care about them and about their process. Continual compliments can boost their self-esteem and thus make them believe in themselves more. As a result, whenever they feel like slipping, there are more things for them to consider, such as your trust in them, and this psychological factor does affect their choices whether to give in or to brace themselves.

The key point is that you should try to be positive. When you are in any kind of relationship with the smoker such as romantic, familial or work-related, slipping can be quite saddening and it makes them vulnerable to negative feelings. The fact that you are positive may help balance the relationship hence decrease the likelihood of a smoking relapse. It is essential for both sides to understand that even if ex-smoker slips, they are still quitting; they are not smokers.

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