Special Concerns After Quitting Smoking : Relapse


Sometimes, even after a long period of smoking cessation, one can experience a strong desire to take just “one” slip. This is smoking relapse. Below are some concerns if you ever feel the need to smoke again.

Weight problem

The weight problem is one of the reasons why one chooses not to stop smoking, or just simply relapse after a while without a cigar. Smoking causes a decrease in appetite. It makes smokers less likely to eat more thus helps them lose some weight. Indeed, weight problem when stopping smoking can be controlled via other harmless methods such as exercising, eating properly and so on. It is important to develop a weight-losing plan that does not involve tobacco. What you should do is quit smoking first, then stick to the plan, focus, eat more fruits and veggies, reduce fat food, drink enough water, sleep enough, and exercise.


Smokers often find smoking as a way to reduce stress, however, temporarily it may seem to them. Therefore, it is now more difficult for stressed smokers to give up smoking. The best thing to do is to try and find a new way to relieve yourself. You may opt to nicotine replacement therapy (patches or gums) as a temporary solution rather than just keen on tobacco consuming. Avoid overwork that may get yourself stressed out. Take a stress management class if necessary. Engage in physical exercises as this is a good way to feel relaxed.


For women who smoke, pregnancy may make smoking a little harder. Though it is for the sake of the child, many find it difficult to fight back the urge to relapse after childbirth. A new baby often means a lot of things waiting to be taken care of, and this causes stress. Finance, childcare, sometimes smoking husband, lack of support, etc., all of these contribute to the likelihood of taking just “one” slip as a way to feel a little easier. There are other things you can do, however. If your husband smokes, try to talk him into quitting – it is for the child. Seek for counseling and support from friends and family. Needless to say, nicotine is harmful, especially in baby. So, there is no other way but to give up smoking completely.

Most of the time, relapse does not just occur out of nowhere. There are triggers that cause cravings to resurface. Learn to know what are those triggers, generally as well as personally, and plan your way to fight them. A few tips are to try to remember the reason you quit smoking at the first place, and how hard it has taken you to get to where you are now. Be appreciated of what you have achieved and give yourself positive reinforcement. It is never easy, but it is worth fighting for.

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