14 Top Health Conditions Affecting Seniors


As people get older, they are usually more prone to various types of health issues. Therefore, it’s crucial to realize and be aware of the importance of taking preventive measures against sickness and diseases which can affect them both mentally and physically to lead a healthy and happy life.


Arthritis, also known as ‘inflamed joint’ is likely to cause uncontrollable aches, stiffness and swelling in the bodies of the elderly. Seniors are usually limited from daily activities such as walking, bending, climbing stairs, and so on. The pain can also be very troublesome and annoying while you are trying to participate in any kinds of social events.

Heart Disease

According to CDC, heart disease is one of the main killer of people over 65, which is responsible for 489.722 deaths in 2014. If you are diagnosed with high glucose levels or high cholesterol, you are more likely to experience a stroke or develop heart diseases.


Cancer is the second leading cause of death among people over age 65. If detected early through screenings, such as mammograms, colonoscopies, and skin checks, many types of cancer are treatable.

Respiratory Diseases

There are various types of respiratory diseases, some of which are not dangerous just like a common cold, some perilous and e life-threatening such as pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, acute asthma and lung cancer. Seniors ought to take lung function tests frequently and pay visits to a health center to get advice from doctors.

Alzheimer’s Diseases

Alzheimer is not only challenging and difficult to diagnose, but it also causes serious problems to the seniors. People with Alzheimer are unable to take care of themselves, unaware of their identity and personality, and incapable of comprehending things that are happening around them.

Sensory Impairments

Visual or hearing impairments are considered one of the most common health conditions among seniors. However, they have little influence on your life due to the development and popularity of glasses and hearing aids nowadays.

Oral Health

Though often overlooked, oral health is an important part of seniors’ health since it may cause low self-esteem, difficulty following a healthy diet and other problems and complications. To avoid tooth decay and dental cavities, it is suggested that the elderly do regular dental check-ups.


Malnutrition often cannot be diagnosed even though it can lead to weak immune system, weak joints or muscles. The causes of malnutrition can range from dementia (which explains why seniors usually forget to eat), depression to the reduction of social contacts and so on.

Substance Abuse

The abuse and overdose of alcohol, tobacco or weeds, in the long run, potentially lead to intoxication, the deterioration of overall health and interference of prescription medicine.


Obesity is an important senior health risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and all chronic conditions that impact the quality of your life. That an elderly is not as active as he or she used to be can be another signal.


Depression is very dangerous because it can lower immunity and may weaken one’s ability to fight infection. Moreover, depression interferes with your diet and lifestyle, leaving behind malnutrition and other health risks.


Osteoporosis causes low bone mass or osteoporosis, putting seniors at risk of a fracture or break that could lead to poor health and decreased quality of life

Bladder control and constipation

Incontinence and constipation are both common in the old age, and can affect the quality of your life. Aged people should eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, and not be shy about sharing their problems with family members or doctors.

HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases

Sexual performance can change as we age, but sexual desire remains. Seniors are unlikely to use condoms, which, together with a weak immune system, makes the elderly more susceptible to contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

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