A Guide for Caregiver: Tips for Caring Seniors


Being a caregiver of a senior is common but finding out how to do it well may be a challenge. This article will provide you with some useful tips for successfully taking care of an elderly. Check it out and take note.

Information about the seniors

First of all, you should know about all useful contacts that are related to the senior. For example, contacts of the service providers or service program, other family members of the senior are should be noticed.

You should learn about the condition of the senior before you design a care program for them. This is important. You can know what to do for them, and how to solve sudden problems when they happen.

Keep on hand some essential information about the senior, include:

  • Date of birth of the senior;
  • Health insurance information and maybe the number of the insurance card;
  • List of the medications that the senior is taking;
  • The phone number of the doctor, nurse, hospitals, or the clinics that the seniors receive care or treatment.

The information should be true and up to date.

Give care from a distance

It may be more stressful when you are not there. You cannot provide direct and correct care to the senior. But there are some tips you can use to take part in the program when you are away from the senior:

  • Keep in touch with the senior by emails, phone calls, text messages, photos, or cards.
  • Visit your senior as often as possible so you can know exactly the condition of the senior to modify the caring program.

Personal care

If your job involves personal care for the senior. It is important to remain modesty and privacy.


  • You should ask the senior first if they like taking a bath or a shower.
  • Before you help the senior take a bath or shower, you should tell them first about what you are going to do.
  • Keep a good manner and be patient.
  • Make sure the senior can relax while bathing or showering.
  • Prepare the bathroom before the senior take a bath or a shower.
  • Prepare all the necessary things such as cleansers, towel, clothes, so the senior can reach them easily.
  • Do not let them alone in the bathroom.

Skin and nail care

Skin and nail care are essential to the senior’s health. Over time, the skin can become dry, wrinkles and age spots can appear. Ingrown nails can also affect the senior’s life.

  • Always cut the nail straight across and do not cut too much. If the nails are difficult to cut, call a professional.
  • Moisturizers can help reduce skin dryness. Moisturizers should be used every day, especially in the elbow, knee, and soles.
  • Avoid strong soap and hot water. These things can cause the skin to lose its hydration.

Hair care

  • You may be the person who helps the senior cut their hair. Thus, you should choose a nice style but easy to cut and take care of.
  • For some seniors who have limited movements, special gears can help such as a shampoo board or shampoos that do not require rinsing with water.
  • You can also take the senior to a spa, or hair salon for professional hair care.

Brush teeth

Teeth are important for the appearance, talking, and eating. Taking care of teeth can be easier when you follow these tips:

  • Set a schedule of teeth brushing time. You should remind the senior it is time to clean their teeth.
  • If the senior does not want to brush their teeth. Do not push them, you can stop and try again next time.
  • Use your hand to help if they cannot brush their teeth themselves.
  • Soft toothbrush is more helpful.
  • If the senior has discomfort or abnormal signs in their mouth, take them to a dentist.
  • Regular check-up should be considered.

Caring for a senior can be difficult and requires patience. However, with helpful tips, you can complete your work successfully. So do not worry, just try your best and you can receive a good result.

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