Exercises Tips for Seniors


It is important to stay active, especially when you are old. But before you start, let’s check these tips. They can help you do exercises more effectively.

Think about exercises

There are three main types of exercises you should consider. They include aerobic exercises (good for your heart and lung), strengthening exercises (good for your bones and muscles), and balance exercises (help you keep your balance, prevent falls and fall-related injuries).

You can start doing exercises at any point in your life although sooner is better. Do not afraid that exercises can hurt you. If you do exercises properly, they can be an effective treatment for almost diseases.

For aerobic exercises

Let’s start with aerobic exercises. They are considered as low-impact exercises that do not put much pressure on your joints and bones. Aerobic exercises include brisk walking, jogging, swimming, biking, or cycling.

When you do aerobic exercises, your heart beats faster, promoting the flow of blood containing oxygen and nutrient throughout the body. Start the exercises gently with short sessions, then build up over time. Start where you can still hold your normal breaths.

Tips for you:

  • Set goals before you do exercises;
  • Make your workouts longer each week. Your body needs time to get used to the activities.

What about strengthening exercises?

Your body ages, your muscles become weakened, your bones lose mass, your ligaments and tendons lose. Strengthening exercises do not mean to help you become a weightlifter or a body builder. They help you restore your strength in the bones and muscles, which can help you stay independent as long as possible. Strengthening exercises can also help prevent low bone density of the body and falls which can lead to fractures.

You can start with simple exercises such as standing up from sitting position while holding a can of water. Let your muscles do something to build up their strength. You can do several types of exercises. Try to do strengthening exercises at least 2 days per week but not 2 days in a row. You can do little more when you are stronger.

After you do strengthening exercises, you can take a rest for 2 days and then you can continue. A professional trainer may be helpful.

Tips for you:

You can use special bands instead of heavy objects. These bands should be flexible: after you pull them out, they can return to the normal size.

Let’s do balance exercises

Balance exercise can help you keep your balance, preventing falls. Falls, when you are old, may lead to serious musculoskeletal problems. You can also do flexibility exercises to keep your muscles stretched, preventing muscles stiffness.

Flexibility exercises or stretching exercises can be used as the warm-up and cool-down exercises before and after you do aerobic exercises.

Tips for you:

You can find do exercises near a wall or a chair to prevent fall or other unwanted injuries.

Always keep it safe

  • Do not push your body too much. Just do exercises with a medium content. You do not have to become a professional athlete. You just do exercises to stay healthy.
  • Do exercises with proper devices such as shoes, bike, or swimming clothes.
  • Stop doing exercises immediately if you have severe pain, discomfort in the chest, pressure on the joints, difficulty breathing, or feelings of weakness.

Staying active is good for your health, so you should keep as exercising routine. Check some tips to receive a better result for your effort.

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