5 Tips to Help Seniors Prevent Falls


Falls can lead to severe problems such as fractures. Fractures can lead to pain and decreased the range of motions. As you age, your body cannot keep balance so you are more likely to fall down. The body loses bone mass so severe fractures are more likely to appear. However, taking the following simple tips may help your prevent falls.

Take good care of yourself

You should love yourself first. Strong body can help you prevent several diseases

  • Check your vision and hearing function regularly. Then talk with your doctor if you have any problem. You and your doctor can discuss to find out proper treatment. If you leave these problems untreated, you may be unable to avoid the objects that can make you fall down.
  • Keep strong bones. Your bone density decreases as you age. Low bone density makes you more prone to fractures. You may need to take vitamin D or calcium supplement to increase the intake of these nutrients.
  • Do not try to stand up quickly if you feel lightheaded. Try to do everything more slowly. It is recommended to wait 10 seconds before sitting up after you wake up. After you sit up, wait 10 seconds before you stand up. After you stand up, wait 10 seconds before you move.
  • If you feel tired, do not go around.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • If you live alone, you may need an emergency device, and try to keep in touch with your family.

Practice balance exercises

Balance exercises can help you strengthen your muscles and keep your balance. These exercises are simple and you can do them several times a day whenever you want. For example, standing on one foot, walking heel to toe, walking to sides, back leg raises, or stepping up can be useful.

You should do these exercises near a chair or a wall in case you fall.

Make your home safer

Your home may have some traps that make you fall.

  • Brighten your home with lights, lamps. You may not be able to see obstacles clearly in the dark. Keep a flash light next to your bed.
  • Remove or fix things that can make you fall, such as loose carpet, or throw rugs.
  • Place things at the lower levels so you do not have to reach or use a bladder.
  • Keep your bathroom dry. You may need some supportive devices so you can walk more easily without falling.
  • Place all things in their positions.
  • If you have pets, do not let them walk at night. You may not be able to see them.

Wear suitable shoes

Wear proper shoes. Sneakers or flat shoes may be better than high-heeled shoes. You can keep your balance better when you are almost on the ground. Loose-fit shoes should also be avoided. They can make you fall when you run or even walk. Rubber-soled shoes can prevent you from slipping.

Know medicines

Some medicines may affect your balance or vision. So if your doctor prescribes these medicines, you should be more careful. Talk to your doctor about the drugs you take if the combinations can lead to dizziness or sleepiness.

Although falls and fall-related injuries are common when you are old, they can be prevented effectively. The tips listed above can be applied to help you reduce the risk for these problems.

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