As a parent, you always want to give your child the best things. But it is definitely not easy to care for your child with seizures. If you are getting difficulties in taking care of your children, parenting tips below are for you.

Educate your child about seizures

It is necessary for your child to know about what they are living with. You need to reassure that  your child has basic knowledge about epilepsy. They should know things such as causes of their illness, the side effects of certain medications, what to do when having a seizure. You can also educate them about potential changes in seizure patterns, or the importance of adequate sleep during their rapid growth. If necessary, you can ask your epilepsy care team and epilepsy organizations to help educate your child. If they have any questions, you should encourage them to ask.

Remind them to get medications

One of side effects of seizures is to contribute to your child’s forgetfulness. As a parent, you should find ways to help your child take their medications at the right time. It is a good idea for you to discuss with them how to help them get medications.

There are some ways you can try such as providing them with a pill box with days and times to take medications . You can suggest them  wear a watch that will beep when it is time for a medication. Moreover, you don’t have to check with your children multiple times a day about whether their medication. It is better for both of you to check the pill box at the end of the day or at the end of the week.

Encourage them to have a positive attitude

A positive attitude is always important if you want to help your child manage their epilepsy in a long term. Your child can feel overwhelmed at times or think that no one understands them. Especially, they might feel angry or sad that they can’t cope with itIt’s time for you to stand by them and help them to deal with their problems. You should encourage them to talk with you and give them some ideas for their issues. In some cases, you can let your child talk their friends who have epilepsy to understand how they feel. Such things eventually can help them be more positive about life.

Advise them to share their disease with friends

Having friends and fitting in may be the most important thing to your child. Living with seizures can make them feel different and this is not easy for them to deal with. You can help them understand that having a few good friends is actually more important than having a lot of casual acquaintances. Moreover, you should encourage them to talk about their disease with their friends. If they are true friends with your child, they can understand and sympathize with it.

Some parenting tips above are suggestions for you when you want to find the right way to care your child with seizures. If you want to know more about what you can do to help you, you should meet your child’s doctor to get the best advice.

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