Brain Exercise to Help Prevent Seizure


Many seizures can develop within a few seconds. Thus, the important thing that you should know is necessary techniques to control and prevent seizures. Brain training and breathing technique can be helpful for you to prevent seizure.

Breathing technique

Breathing technique is important to prevent seizure at the first outbreak. Patients can manage seizures and control their own breathing to change the development of events and stop the seizure naturally.

You should start the exercise when you feel that something wrong with your body or your mind. Or when you happen to feel that something can trigger your seizures. Firstly, you should find a comfortable place to sit down, if it is possible. Then try to breathe normally and deeply through your nose. It is advisable to take small and short inhalations, instead of taking large and quick ones using your chest muscles. After taking an inhale, you should relax and count for about 3 – 4 seconds for each exhales. You have to breathe regularly all the time during this exercise. The important key is not to try to breathe more, but less.

Breathing technique can be ineffective if fear and anxiety overwhelming in your mind. And your breath will become deeper, faster and more irregular, which we call these symptoms over-breathing or hyperventilation.

You probably get air hunger since you reduce breathing after some seconds after the exercise. You should keep it so that extra carbon dioxide in your blood and brain will calm down the overexcited nerve cells. Blood delivery for the brain is also improved by CO2, which can raise oxygen and glucose delivery and increase CO2 level in the brain.


Neurofeedback is a technique which can help people with seizure learn to regulate and stabilize their brain. and timing in the brain. The brain timing is the electrical response that can go awry when someone has a seizure. Healthcare doctors have used this technique to significantly decrease seizures by improving the brain’s stability.

Brain training is an exercise to fortify its interconnectivity, timing and eliminate many brain-related problems. The more stable the brain is, the more you can control your brain. In combination with lifestyles changing, after a short time, seizures are reduced dramatically. Even, you can be actually free of seizures. Therefore, some people might describe neurofeedback brain training as a cure for epilepsy.

If you consider the neurofeedback for your seizures, you should need consults from your doctor. You can ask about the duration and the effects of neurofeedback in your case.. It is better to tell your family and ask their advice before you are taking this therapy.

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